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Bio: I love movies. I currently write full-length reviews over at www.walkingtaco.com, a great site where I and several other writers review movies new and old. Check us out and leave us comments!

I use Criticker, an excellent quick-review site, to manage and keep track of all the films I see that I may not have a chance to review in full-length on my site.

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87 T9 Logan (2017) - Mar 03, 2017
"A fantastic and fitting ending for Wolverine. It is also the best X-film in the franchise - close to X2. It's just unfortunate that all 3 Wolverine films couldn't have been made in the same fashion to make the conclusion even more powerful. It goes to show how great these movies could have been had the studio had some faith in the storytelling and the character's potential. "
39 T2 Inferno (2016) - Mar 03, 2017
"Of all of the franchises Hanks could have made for himself - why this? The movies have been consistently terrible and he is completely wrong for the role. "
50 T3 Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Feb 28, 2017
"There's a great character study buried in a morose movie featuring unlikable characters. With way too much padding on top of it, including continual flashbacks, this is a tough sit for the few standout acting moments. "
20 T1 Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) - Feb 28, 2017
"This is one of the worst movies you will ever see made with such talent. It rings totally false on all fronts. It's boring, zero story, terrible acting and dialogue, and the 3D and HDR is not even worth the material. "
70 T5 Split (2017) - Feb 19, 2017
"It's a very slow burn that is maybe... sorta... redeemed? "
65 T4 Masterminds (2016) - Feb 13, 2017
35 T1 Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) - Feb 13, 2017
70 T5 John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Feb 13, 2017
70 T5 Deepwater Horizon (2016) - Jan 18, 2017