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Member Since: Apr 17, 2009

Location: Perth, Australia

Bio: I use to work in a Blockbuster, I than spent 6 months studying film where I achieved nothing. I now do something totally irrelevant but still love my movies!

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T1 Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) - Oct 08, 2017
"Reminiscent of Sucker Punch and Kick Ass 2. In other words, tries way too hard, fails in just about every category and the characters/performances behind them are just the worst."
T10 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"Visually its the best looking since Fury Road, sequences of absolute magnitude are just lined up one after the other. World building sci-fi that honors its predecessor, shines on it's own terms and has impressive performances from Gosling and Armas. Dying to jump back into Villeneuve's vision again and again. "
T2 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"Borrows heavily from what Michael Keaton is cleaning up at the start of this uninspiring clog - trash. "
T10 Atlanta (2016) - Oct 07, 2017
"S01E07 is one of the best episodes of TV ever. "
T1 Neo Yokio (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"First chance I gave it, I lasted 5 minutes. The next, I was 5 minutes into the second episode. A stir fry experience where every flavor doesn't match."
T5 The Beguiled (2017) - Oct 01, 2017
"Fabulous shots of trees via sunlight don't make up for a massive missed opportunity. The entire crew felt underutilized (much like Phoenix) and the overall sense of lacking as the credits roll can't be shook. "
T9 Marie Antoinette (2006) - Oct 01, 2017
"A visual killer and your ears are up for an equal treat also. May come off bombastic yet Dunst screamed emotionally invested to me. "
T1 A Very Murray Christmas (2015) - Oct 01, 2017
"May as well of been made by the grinch.. "
T7 T2 Trainspotting (2017) - Oct 01, 2017
"An equivalent of a night out with the boys. It was a lot of fun but your memory of the events that transpired wouldn't be considered bible. "
10 T10 A Ghost Story (2017) - Sep 24, 2017
"I sat silently as the credits rolled in awe and a few hours later found myself watching it all again. A moving piece of work about love, loss and life itself. The shots are breathtaking, the sound is incredible, the use of time is mesmerizing, A Ghost Story is unequivocally haunting. "