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Member Since: Apr 17, 2009

Location: Perth, Australia

Bio: I use to work in a Blockbuster, I than spent 6 months studying film where I achieved nothing. I now do something totally irrelevant but still love my movies!

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T9 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"Badass, gorgeous and an all round enjoyable romp. If the spin offs are of this quality throughout, we are in for a treat. "
T6 Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Apr 18, 2017
"Visually, an absolute treat. Has a sluggish second act which dragged it down for me. "
T3 American Ultra (2015) - Apr 18, 2017
"Stuck in a hotel and got nothing to watch? Don't make the same mistake as me. "
T2 Me Before You (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"Like "The Intouchables" without any redeeming qualities. "
T3 Hush (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"Just your friendly terrible netflix horror film. "
T1 Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"Jon Hamm's TV agent just cannot be the same as his film one."
T4 The Magnificent Seven (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"Has the cast, it's just completely heartless. "
T2 War Dogs (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"It tried really hard and none of it was good. Those title sequences and narration *shudders*"
T9 Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - Feb 11, 2017
"Underrated as all hell. Groundhog Day: Die Hard edition is a breath of fresh air in the action genre. Captured my attention from the get go and never stopped. With great balance throughout and strong leads, Edge kicks ass."
T6 The Edge of Seventeen (2016) - Feb 11, 2017
"Harmless predictable fun. Ending was a bit too neat. "