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Movie Buff - 331 Films Ranked
Member Since: Apr 27, 2011
Location: Geelong, Australia
Recent Rankings
74 T6 Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Apr 22, 2014
"The Dark World is a sequel that is neither a decline nor an improvement for the Thor saga"
81 T8 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) - Apr 22, 2014
"The Hunger Games story keeps building with each film, and although parts of Catching Fire felt like a rehash of its predecessor, it's entertaining and well acted"
80 T7 Atonement (2007) - Apr 19, 2014
"Atonement is a well-produced film with a solid storyline that keeps you interested until the credits roll"
88 T9 The Lego Movie (2014) - Apr 10, 2014
"The spirit of Lego is captured perfectly in the very enjoyable, well written Lego Movie"
66 T4 Bad Grandpa (2013) - Mar 31, 2014
"Bad Grandpa contains the occasional Jackass-style laugh, but the story is largely pointless and many scenes fail to have an impact"
20 T1 Return to Nim's Island (2013) - Mar 08, 2014
"Unbelievably bad in both acting and narrative to the point it's cringe-worthy "
85 T9 Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Feb 28, 2014
"Matthew McConaughey proves that he is a decent actor through a superb performance in the engaging Dallas Buyers Club"
66 T4 Cedar Rapids (2011) - Feb 22, 2014
"Cedar Rapids sits in an unusual, unwanted void between being an entertaining comedy and an interesting drama"
72 T5 Role Models (2008) - Feb 22, 2014
"Quite stupid and very predictable, Role Models is an average comedy that serves as light entertainment"
39 T1 Grease (1978) - Feb 15, 2014
"Few musicals are ever worth watching"
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