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80 T4 Matador (1986) - Jan 20, 2017
"Viewed January 18, 2017. I understand that this one never really coheres into anything but it is filled with so many tantalizing and unforgettable moments, from the shocking rape scene in the rain to the final shot of two lovers entwined in permanent bliss.It might not be Almodovar's most focused, and it's not deliberately all over the map with the sort of reckless abandon that characterizes his better films, but beat for beat, it has some of the greatest scenes I've seen from him thus far."
80 T4 What Have I Done To Deserve This? (1984) - Jan 20, 2017
"Viewed January 17, 2017. A neorealist comedy which tackles uneasy subjects with total ease. A total jumble of influences and ideas which nevertheless coalesce into something great, idiosyncratic, and purely Almodovar. Name another film that could pull off the image of the bloodstained lizard that we get here, for example."
80 T4 20th Century Women (2016) - Jan 20, 2017
"Viewed January 16, 2017. Filmmaking from the heart. This kind of nostalgic autobiographical approach to movies could come across as treacly, and some of the film's stylistic choices certainly do, but there's genuine heart and a wry lyricism to many of its sequences that helps to easily defy these expectations. Essentially, Mike Mills has made a movie about the people and the things that he loves, and makes sure that we all love them, too. "
80 T4 One-Eyed Jacks (1961) - Jan 20, 2017
"Watched January 14, 2017. One weird, sporadically brilliant movie. Not quite the blast of unbridled creative energy I expected; rather, a sort of simmering, masochistic exploration of a world without morality. The kind of film where the first half seems so decidedly average and the second half ends up blowing you out of the water - this Freudian, lawless world comes to a perfectly unheroic, anti-genre conclusion. Essentially, a movie about adolescent angst set loose in the west."
85 T6 Up to His Ears (1965) - Jan 13, 2017
"Tones down a bit on That Man from Rio's adventurousness and fires up the beautifully inspired lunacy. Filled wall to wall with sterling visual gags, each more exciting and surprising than the last. Jean-Paul Belmondo is a comic wonder, and the way he plays with his hairstyle in the first 20 minutes is endlessly delightful."
90 T8 Silence (2016) - Jan 13, 2017
90 T8 Margaret (2011) - Jan 13, 2017
"Viewed January 12, 2017. "
80 T4 Under the Sun (2015) - Jan 11, 2017
95 T9 El Verdugo (1963) - Jan 11, 2017
85 T6 Cemetery of Splendor (2015) - Jan 11, 2017