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Gentleman's Fate

1h 30m
Jack lives the high life and wants to make Marjorie his one and only. He then learns that his deceased father is alive but dying of lead poisoning. His father sent him away, twenty years before, to keep him out of the rackets. But now that he is dying, he wants to split the business between Giacomo (Jack) and Frank, his other son. The business includes running booze down from Canada. (imdb)
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I have never in my life seen a movie so dull, that I can't even tell what's going on. The vast majority of this movie is conversation, almost all of which is completely irrelevant to the plot. Just when I thought some action was going to occur, it didn't. I would argue this movie doesn't have rising action, resolution, or a climax; just an hour and a half of falling action.
Don't know what to think. Started out as a romance farce before it turned into a hardcore gangster flick with some silly dames thrown in. The story was surely lacking. Among the cool stuff was drunkard Gilbert getting piss drunk. An expert at that. Gilbert in general flirting with being a cold gangster. The mobster table scene was pretty awesome. The poor pant-less butler got some laughs. So this was definitely a movie which had something. Just not something that came off all that well together.
Avg Percentile 37.65% from 8 total ratings

Cast & Info

Director: Mervyn_LeRoyMervyn LeRoy
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 30m
Language: English
Country: USA

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