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Celluloid Junkie - 4572 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 17, 2008

Location: Rochester, MN, USA

Age: 37

Bio: i love movies, in fact i am on a quest to see all of the movies ever made, i do realize that's not possible, but at least i set the bar high. i was drawn even more to this site after i got my first star. i now write mini-reviews for every movie i watch, and am going through my back catalog to write them for every movie i've rated, i've got a long way to go. might i interest you in donating to the give me a star foundation?

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62 18% Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1995) - Jun 05, 2023
"While this installment is just as shitty as the previous installment, it's also a little bit grosser, more violent, and depraved. '95 was also the last year of the slasher drought, and there are very few examples from the first half of the decade that would make one think that there was anything worth salvaging. Watch it if you're a completionist, or want to see early McConaughey act insane, or Zellweger when she was less squinty."
57 12% Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990) - Jun 05, 2023
"With both the previous installments being notable for either forward thinking horror, or a rip-roaring good time of the second, neither of them were quite like anything that had been done before. This installment is the first to hit all the mundane notes that had made slashers boring by the late 80's, and it came out at the dryest of the dry spells for the genre. It's a horrible, forgettable movie, and one of the worst of the franchise, hell, one of the worst of multiple franchises."
84 86% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) - May 31, 2023
"The second installment took over a decade to come out, and by this time there were three "Halloween" and six "Friday the 13th" installments, plus a countless number of other franchises that had put out at least two. Hooper benefited from the twelve year gap, because by this time, absolute gore insanity was more accepted. Leatherface has always had a one up on Michael and Jason, being a generally cooler killer, but I'll be damned if Bill Moseley isn't the dark horse here, what a demented freak."
70 34% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - May 31, 2023
"Predating the slasher boom that began with "Halloween" and inundated audiences for a full decade of maniac horror baddies on rampages, Tobe Hooper's first theatrically distributed movie was a resounding financial success and has since cemented this movie and Hooper himself as genre godfathers. Being a child of the 80's myself, this one has little effect on me, the gore is minimal, and by the mid-80's a gore/nudity arms race was going on, so by modern standards, it isn't all that terrifying."
80 74% The Boys from Brazil (1978) - May 26, 2023
"In an era where most sci-fi had a childish edge to it, "The Boys From Brazil" has a dark premise and was very grounded in modern times. It's more like a suspense movie with a big imagination and imagination in a movie is never something to be complained about."
67 27% Double World (2019) - May 24, 2023
"Pretty standard modern wuxia fare; cut rate CG, ok fighting, and a minimally engaging plot. I get in a mood where that's really all I need, so I liked it just fine."
80 74% Ratatouille (2007) - May 24, 2023
"A fun and entertaining kids movie. "Ratatouille" doesn't really tackle deeper emotional issues like some of the ones that came after it, but it earned the acclaim that it got because it is a truly good movie suitable for all ages."
77 61% Police Story 2 (1988) - May 24, 2023
"A tow the line, kind of sequel that does exactly what the first one did, no better no worse. Still decent stunts and action, exactly what you look to Chan for. The entire series is probably worth checking out, there's a reason there are so many of them."
74 48% Uncharted (2022) - May 24, 2023
"The video game series gained acclaim from fans and critics alike, and an action game with a strong and present story makes great material for a movie adaptation. Yet, still, "Uncharted" is only a big budget action/adventure yarn not unlike "National Treasure," solidly entertaining, but hardly exceptional."
57 12% Moonfall (2022) - May 08, 2023
"With an apparent effort to reproduce the success of "Independence Day," Emmerich plagiarized himself and wrote a screenplay titled "Moondepence Day". Clearly the studio, while still backing the movie, had the foresight to have the name changed, but apparently no one had the talent to make the general audience see this as anything other than a really crappy blockbuster."