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Lady Luck Lady Luck (1936)
Summary: New York manicurist Mamie Murphy plans to marry a rich man, so she repeatedly turns down the proposals of honest reporter David Haines. When she is announced the winner of $2,500 and a ticket worth $150,000 for champion horse Lady Luck, if the horse wins an upcoming race, Mamie is pursued by wealthy sportsman Jack Conroy and nightclub owner and racketeer Tony Morelli. (imdb)
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A Woman A Woman's Man (1934)
Summary: A temperamental movie star storms off the set of her latest picture in order to carry on a fling with an ambitious, publicity-hungry prizefighter. (imdb)
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Coronado Coronado (1935)
Summary: Southern California's Hotel Coronado caters to and is frequented by members of the social upper-crust. Although she lives on the wrong side of the San Diego track, in a tent-city with her father. Otto, and ditzy sister, Violet, June Wray is a singer with the Eddy Duchin Orchestra appearing to the hotel. Johnny Marvin, an aspiring songwriter and the son of a wealthy automobile manufacturer, is staying at the hotel and, from they moment June and Johnny meet, they fall instantly in love. (imdb)
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The Lady in Scarlet The Lady in Scarlet (1935)
Summary: When a wealthy art dealer is murdered, the private investigator hired for the case discovers a web of blackmail, corruption and stolen bonds. (imdb)
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Sing Sing Nights Sing Sing Nights (1934)
Summary: A respected war correspondent is found murdered, with three bullets--from three different guns--in him. Three different men are arrested, convicted and sentenced to death for the murder, but only one can be the actual killer. A criminologist sets out to find who is really guilty. (imdb)
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High Treason High Treason (1929)
Summary: Based on a play by Pemberton Billing, High Treason is set in The Future -- 1940, to be exact. The Federated Countries of Europe seem poised on the brink of another war, this one sparked by a border dispute between Canada and the United States (!) Dr. Seymour (Humberstone Wright), head of the European Peace League, tries to avert the war, while Seymour's daughter Evelyn (Benita Hume) carries on a romance with Michael Deane (Jameson Thomas), the militaristic head of the Air Force. (allmovie.com)
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The Trial of Vivienne Ware The Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932)
Summary: Vivienne Ware is defended by her ex-beau when she's accused of killing her faithless fiance.
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Week-End Wives Week-End Wives (1929)
Summary: A lawyer spends the weekend with a married actress at the same hotel as his wife and her lover. This British silent film exists in an abridged 2-reel format.
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Night Birds Night Birds (1930)
Summary: (1930) Jameson Thomas, Muriel Angelus, Jack Rain. Early British thriller about a master criminal named 'Flash Jack', who heads a gang of top-hatted thieves that rob the wealthy. A detective tracks the crimes to a posh night club. (imdb)
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Stolen Sweets Stolen Sweets (1934)
Summary: Wealthy but unhappy Patricia Belmont meets fun-loving insurance salesman Bill Smith (and his fun-loving friends Sam Ragland and Betty Harkness)on a ship cruise and falls in love, much to the annoyance of her high-society, fortune-hunting fiancée Barrington Thorne. (imdb)
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The Curtain Falls The Curtain Falls (1934)
Summary: In this drama an older actress plays her last role. The aging thespian is terribly depressed and ready to kill herself when she finds out that an older more successful friend has vanished. The missing actress's family is in a real quandry. To help them, the other impersonates the older actress. Loose ends are knitted together and then she admits her ruse. (allmovie.com)
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A Successful Failure A Successful Failure (1934)
Summary: Ellery Cushing is full of catchy sayings and old-fashioned wisdom. But all that his family cares about is how much money he makes, and all that his boss at the newspaper sees is that Cushing is getting too old to keep up with his work. So his loyal co-worker Phil decides to see what he can do to help everyone see what his friend has to offer. (imdb)
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The Moonstone The Moonstone (1934)
Summary: Typical Monogram whodunit from the 30's, with dialogue and sound effects based on the well known mystery book with same title. A valuable gem from India is stolen in an old dark mansion and it is up to Scotland Yard inspector Charles Irwin to find out who did it among all the suspects who were in the house. (imdb)
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Charlie Chan in Egypt Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)
Summary: While investigating the theft of antiquities from an ancient tomb excavation , Charlie discovers that the body of the expedition's leader concealed inside the mummy's wrappings. (imdb)
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The Phantom President The Phantom President (1932)
Summary: Too bad for presidential hopes of banker T.K. Blair; his party feels he has too little flair for savoir faire. But at a medicine show, the party bosses find Blair's double: huckster Doc Varney. Of course, they scheme to make Varney T.K.'s public spokesman; at first, he even fools Blair's girlfriend Felicia, providing a romantic complication. As election eve approaches, the conspirators face the problem of what to do with Varney...who has difficult decisions of his own to make. (imdb)
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The Farmer The Farmer's Wife (1928)
Summary: Farmer Sweetland is a lonely old widower. He is determined to marry again and he enlists the help of his housekeeper Minta to pick a wife from the local single women. (imdb)
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Piccadilly Piccadilly (1929)
Summary: The star attraction of the Piccadilly Club is the dancing team of Mabel and Vic. Victor is infatuated with Mabel... (imdb)
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Three Wise Girls Three Wise Girls (1932)
Summary: Cassie has come to New York and goes to work as a model where her friend Gladys works. She falls in love with wealthy young Jerry who is already married. Gladys has the same probelm with her man Phelps. (imdb)
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Beggars in Ermine Beggars in Ermine (1934)
Summary: John Dawson loses control of his factory when he is crippled in an accident caused by a rival. Destitute, he travels the country organizing the homeless to help him regain control of his steel mill. (imdb)
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The World Accuses The World Accuses (1934)
Summary: When a middle aged woman accepts a job at a day care center she comes across the child she gave up early in life. (imdb)
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Extravagance Extravagance (1930)
Summary: Alice Kendall is the darling of her social set, the sons and daughters of millionaires, although Alice's mother has impoverished herself to provide Alice with the luxuries she expects as her right. Mom blows what's left of her fortune to provide the best trousseau that money can buy when Alice marries Fred Garlan, and then wishes Fred lots of luck. Now, Alice is trying to coax Fred into buying her a new sable coat while Fred is busily trying to borrow enough money to keep his business afloat. (imdb)
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Night Life in Reno Night Life in Reno (1931)
Summary: A story of love, humor and drama against the background of America's "Biggest Little City." An (interrupted) indiscretion by John Wyatt with a floozy prompts his wife, June, to make a trip to Reno, Nevada in order to get a quickie six-week-waiting-period divorce. John, penitent over his past actions (since he got caught), follows his wife to Reno and manages a reconciliation after a murder gives him a chance to prove his true devotion. (imdb)
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Convicted Convicted (1931)
Summary: Tony Blair, a producer of Broadway plays, is murdered on a California-bound passenger liner, and a series of events leads to an assumption that Claire Norvelle has committed the killing. Despite the fact that Blair was an obnoxious character, murder is murder and Barbara is accused of the crime. Complications arise when another murder occurs. The startling solution clears Barbara and provides a surprising explanation of the two murders. (imdb)
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It Happened One Night It Happened One Night (1934)
Summary: A spoiled heiress, running away from her family, is helped by a man who's actually a reporter looking for a story. But then he falls for her... (imdb)