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Celluloid Junkie - 4499 Rankings

Member Since: Mar 8, 2012

Location: Meath, Ireland

Bio: I'm a cinema fan, movie buff, film fanatic, take your pick. For the past year or two I've written a mini review for everything I've watched. I like most genres but must admit to finding musicals painful. I just don't get why they're singing...

I write, work as a software engineer, and was formerly a cinema projectionist.

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20 T1 The Room (2003) - Oct 14, 2017
"The Room is bad. Bad on many, many levels. But it's also strangely engaging like the ramblings of advanced dementia."
50 T3 Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) - Oct 14, 2017
"Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol this is not. It will, however, scratch your crazy-itch."
60 T5 Ma Mère (2004) - Oct 14, 2017
"Mothers and sons, eh? Mothers and sons... "
70 T7 Mythica: The Darkspore (2015) - Oct 14, 2017
"Mythica: The Darkspore is the second installment of this low-budget fantasy series. I enjoyed this more than the first film and great to see Matthew Mercer from Critical Role as necromancer Szorlok."
90 T10 Baby Driver (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Baby Driver is a fantastic, engaging, toe-tapping, chase-tastic crime movie. I nearly broke a rib at the Michael Myers bit."
70 T7 A Ghost Story (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"An interesting idea executed in an arthouse, slow cinema style."
70 T7 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Great fun and I loved Michael Keaton as Vulture."
80 T9 Wind River (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Wind River is an above average crime drama. Beautifully shot, often bleak in tone, and emotionally resonant."
60 T5 War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Solid science fiction action drama but takes itself way too seriously. Not as engaging as the first two."
30 T1 The Dark Tower (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Wow! There are characters in this film with the exact same names as some of the characters in a really cool series of books by Stephen King. I wonder if these guys read those books... ever."