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Celluloid Junkie - 4401 Rankings

Member Since: Mar 8, 2012

Location: Meath, Ireland

Bio: I'm a cinema fan, movie buff, film fanatic, take your pick. For the past year or two I've written a mini review for everything I've watched. I like most genres but must admit to finding musicals painful. I just don't get why they're singing...

I write, work as a software engineer, and was formerly a cinema projectionist.

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60 T5 Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary (2015) - Apr 25, 2017
"An interesting documentary about some lovely little homes. They'd be a hard sell to the family though..."
60 T5 Sorgenfri (2015) - Apr 25, 2017
"Sorgenfri aka What We Become is a zombie film that promises much but mostly fails to deliver. The setup is the best part, with the grim situation gradually unfolding for the protagonists, but events unfold somewhat predictably later. If you're looking for the next Let the Right One In then keep searching..."
90 T10 Before Midnight (2013) - Apr 25, 2017
"The (currently) concluding chapter in the Before series does not disappoint. There's a realism to Jesse and Celine that's eminently watchable. Let this not be the end."
90 T10 Before Sunset (2004) - Apr 25, 2017
"A wonderful continuation of Before Sunset's story. I love the ending."
90 T10 Before Sunrise (1995) - Apr 25, 2017
"Beautiful dialogue, naturally performed. A simple love story. A masterpiece."
100 T10 Logan (2017) - Apr 22, 2017
"Comic book action at its finest. Brutal and emotional."
80 T9 A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit (1989) - Apr 22, 2017
"A Grand Day Out is an epic tale of adventure, reminiscent of Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon only with much more cheese."
70 T7 Moonlight (2016) - Apr 22, 2017
"A sensitive portrayal of one boy's journey into manhood, Moonlight is well, well acted, and well worth watching."
60 T5 Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Apr 22, 2017
"If it wasn't for John C. Reilly's amusing character Kong: Skull Island would be a complete washout. As it is, it's an okay action adventure flick."
70 T7 Tesis (1996) - Apr 11, 2017
"Thesis is a Spanish thriller that plays out much like a Giallo horror thriller. The premise of a film student stumbling upon a real life snuff film whilst doing a thesis about violent movies is an interesting one, but perhaps the last quarter had a few too many twisty bits for its own good?"