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T7 The Handmaiden (2016) - May 14, 2017
"Another amazing movie from an amazing director. It's fascinating to see an accomplished filmmaker pursuing erotic fiction as a legitimate avenue for storytelling. The shot selection and staging give the movie an incredible energy; it's very similar to Scorsese, where these bizarre camera movies somehow work and take the movie to another level. The story itself is great and the twists and turns fun and engaging."
T5 Tickled (2016) - May 14, 2017
"Though it starts out quite slow, the documentarians get closer and closer to the heart of competitive tickling and the man responsible for it. Though understanding David D'Amato answers a lot of questions about this bizarre "sport", more questions remain: who were those men still producing the videos in LA, and who are these people making them worldwide? D'Amato was funding it, but who were the boots on the ground? The mystery goes a bit beyond him and I wish that was explored."
T5 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - May 06, 2017
"One has to appreciate how complicated this movie is - there's a lot of moving pieces, so many characters, so much CGI and intricate action setpieces, that simply creating a movie like this is an achievement. There's a ton of fun to be had, especially with Yondu's subplot, but it can also be exhausting. The climax and reveal of Ego's true intentions are not terribly interesting.. Why do some of Marvel's most interesting characters require headache-inducing battles to maintain interest?"
T5 12 Monkeys (1995) - May 04, 2017
"One of the more interesting contemporary time travel movies, 12 Monkeys plays with structure in such a way that you forget that Willis and his psychiatrist are not too well-developed as characters and their late story romance is a bit...random. I love how the story unfolds, how by the end it feels inevitable and unknowable at the same time. We know exactly what will happen, but we'll never know if there was a way to stop it. "
T1 Colossal (2016) - Apr 09, 2017
"In the age of sequels, reboots and spinoffs, it's important to champion original, new ideas. But movies like this are why the studios keep making sequels. Timecrimes was an incredible movie, so perhaps the pressure of a studio budget got to Vigalondo, but there is no passion in the way this is written or produced. For such an out-there, bizarre concept, the movie feels flat, bland and boring. I'm hopeful Vigalondo can return with a better movie, but this one is a huge disappointment."
T2 Doctor Strange (2016) - Apr 02, 2017
"An extremely bland movie, saved only by its unique visual effects. Stephen Strange is most of all bland. He's supposed to be egotistical, but he's a surgeon who saves lives. They try really hard to make him an asshole, but he's still likable. They couldn't crack his character and as a result the whole movie feels uninspired. The Dormamu design was uninspired, the Ancient One was kind of boring, everything to do with Strange's hands was just dull. But he could be interesting in an ensemble..."
T2 Power Rangers (2017) - Apr 02, 2017
"As a childhood fan of Power Rangers, I cut this film a lot of slack. It looks like the filmmakers took some time to dig a little deeper than an audience would expect, but I wish they had dug even more. Rita's entire subplot is very thin in both purpose and motivation. The history of the Rangers with Zordon is interesting but should have been explored better. The rangers were almost stereotypes. But there was some fun to be had here and hints at an interesting future. A nice movie, wanted more"
T3 T2 Trainspotting (2017) - Mar 25, 2017
"What was the impetus for this film? Apparently, they liked the first one so much, they decided to make a sequel about all the good parts from the original. There didn't feel like new insights, new harsh revelations of life like the original. This isn't a bad movie and quite enjoyable, but this didn't seem to add to the mythos of the first. At best, this is a strong footnote, an amendment worth the time, but it won't leave the same mark on your memory or emotions."
T7 28 Days Later (2002) - Mar 18, 2017
"After having watched this for like the 10th time, the power and experience haven't waned. Focusing on a very small group of survivors and filming huge, empty urban areas without the tool of CGI, Boyle creates an intimate story of survival in a world already past the brink of collapse. Not so much a revolutionary film as an enjoyable and exciting movie that can be rewatched endlessly. Brendan Gleeson is a standout, the 3rd act doesn't compare to the first two, but I still love this movie."
T7 Logan (2017) - Mar 11, 2017
"What if someone said, "Fuck all X-Men continuity and the cutesy superpower bullshit. Let's make it a bleak dystopian western where anyone could die." And thus, this movie - an exhilarating ride from start to finish. The climax in the woods can't live up to the escape from the Prof. X's hideaway near the beginning, but it's still pretty damn interesting. X-23 is a very interesting character, Patrick Stewart is at his best, Stephen Merchant is great, and Hugh Jackman delivers career best."