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Member Since: Dec 19, 2019

Location: UK

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75 51% Billy Elliot (2000) - Jan 14, 2021
62 20% Avatar (2009) - Jan 09, 2021
"Started promisingly by exploring topics such as colonialism, disability, technology and inequality (the main character is disabled and even though the technology to cure him exists, it is not accessible to him). However, the film did not explore those further and the relationship between the humans and na'vi was reduced to a simple dichotomy of baddies vs goodies. The second half of the film was frankly boring and the 80's style one liners did not do the film any favours."
81 85% The Matrix (1999) - Jan 09, 2021
"The film explores the relationship between machine and human, as well as the topics of existentialism, reality, good and evil and the futility of a human utopia (even in a simulation, the machines could not create a perfect world for humans). For me its biggest strength was the topics it did not explore so explicitly, ie the question of whether mankind is any better than machines. The machines do harvest human bodies, but they do it in an extraordinarily humane way when you think about it."
72 41% Run Fatboy Run (2008) - Jan 05, 2021
70 35% Whiplash (2014) - Jan 03, 2021
"Bad acting ruined the film. Just tells you how meaningless Oscars are."
80 78% Melancholia (2011) - Dec 30, 2020
76 59% Love (2015) - Dec 29, 2020
72 41% Le Havre (2011) - Dec 29, 2020
80 78% La Grande bouffe (1973) - Dec 28, 2020
"Great grotesque of bourgeois consumer society. The prostitutes invited to the party contrast with the professional main characters. In the end, the prostitutes cannot keep up with the degradation, which I interpret as a metaphor for class rigidity. The teacher (lower middle class) is closer to the main character by embracing the debauchery, but in the end she just helps them off themselves, but doesnt kill herself too. The Male-female juxtaposition is also key."