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Member Since: Jun 20, 2021

Location: USA

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70 52% Luca (2021) - Jun 27, 2021
"a Good middle, but slow and "cringe" start, and a pretty awful ending, but is still fun, it isn't thought provoking or wonderfully brilliant as other Pixar films, but in some way feels like a over the hedge, it wasn't amazing but it wasn't trying to be, it was more of a appetizer for a much bigger project, and i already know that there is a really good Pixar film coming up i can smell it "
60 38% Curious George (2006) - Jun 21, 2021
"Such a fun monkey movie, is very harmless and very cute, every interaction is so colorful, and also the colors ARE SO BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL! This is not anything that is going to blow you away but it isn't trying, it's just a cute monkey adventure that you should watch."
15 13% The Boss Baby (2017) - Jun 21, 2021
"This movie made me question my sanity, I don't think I have any sanity after watching this, it's humor is terribly horrible for everyone, the casting is weird, and I can't tell between what is imagined stuff or things that are actually going on, the is a dumpster fire of a script, please don't watch it, please"
100 91% Fight Club (1999) - Jun 21, 2021
"rule 1. praise fight club rule 2. PRAISE FIGHT CLUB"
60 38% Speed (1994) - Jun 21, 2021
"I A M S P E E D"
90 75% Soul (2020) - Jun 21, 2021
"One of the most powerful endings in any movie ever, the only problem is the humor not working for me, BUT OMG THE ENDING!"
80 63% The Matrix (1999) - Jun 21, 2021
"One of the coolest films ever made, not even a joke, coolest movie, but my problems are that the actors are rocks, they don't express any emotion and remove the any tension that Keanu Reaves might have expressed. but it's still the matrix man. M R . A N D E R S O N"
2% The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) - Jun 21, 2021
"This movie made me have depression "
55 30% Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Jun 21, 2021
"Why do people hate this movie, Yes I am aware that this movie has some major problems but still, it's not HORRIBLE! Go rewatch it, it isn't the worst star wars movie"
70 52% Over the Hedge (2006) - Jun 21, 2021
"Feels like junk food ;), Love Verminator "