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73 T8 Dumbo (1941) - Jul 18, 2017
"For 1940 pretty impressive animations also quite great character types to show. But all that drunken dream sequence is terrfying and unnecessary. And at the final did he really become happy or become a profit become a sellable object.. A master piece for capitalism ?! So ı dont think that was a real happy ending. But still a fine movie."
83 T10 Anomalisa (2015) - Jul 18, 2017
"Great animation, voice acting and visual directorship is greatly fine. THe subjects are also very flu but also very familiar too. alienation, losing interest, the meaning of existence, identity crisis in old ages. Good mix, .. Fine dialogs,, dialogs are clever you can understand any character with 1 or 2 line Cab Driver, Lisa's friend, Henry.. All of it. Loosing the spirit of adventure and the feel of being alive is become spendable for success and safety. And thats causes us a trouble. NICE"
56 T3 Skiptrace (2016) - Jul 17, 2017
"Its cliche, its predictable but its funny and actually pretty much basic and clean work at character arcs ı love that. . If you have extra time to kill then you might wanna give a shot to that film. Otherwise its not a complete good movie. Still better than Spider-Man: Homecoming"
61 T4 The BFG (2016) - Jul 09, 2017
52 T3 Chasseurs de dragons (2008) - Jul 08, 2017
59 T4 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Jul 08, 2017
"It sucks.. Nice for teens, kinda funny for adults. But generaly is a lame, boring, weak, poor writting movie with wrong moral messages and a bit racist. Acting is good by the way specially everything good about Keaton. But thats all story full with plotholes and wrong morals."
53 T3 The Face of Love (2013) - Jul 05, 2017
"Poor written, average acting, nice visuals and lightning directory. But thats all."
90 T10 The Great Dictator (1940) - Jul 03, 2017
"Just endind speach / preach make this movie good enough to consider as a 75+ movie. And adding other classic Chaplin assets make this film one of the best"
85 T10 Modern Times (1936) - Jul 03, 2017
76 T9 Ip Man (2008) - Jul 03, 2017