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67 T6 A Street Cat Named Bob (2016) - Mar 26, 2017
"Not a good acting, screenplay and multi-dimensional movie.. But still full with important messges, heart warming moments, a adorable cat and a true life insparation. Good Sunday Morning Movie to me. "
73 T8 Moonlighting (1985) - Mar 12, 2017
62 T4 Picture Perfect (1997) - Mar 12, 2017
"Its cliche as hell and screenplay aint one of the best and script is pretty unstable too.. But damn those 90s rom-com theme and warm acting is still make enjoyable.. And pretty good Soundtracks too. "
62 T4 School of Life (2005) - Mar 12, 2017
61 T4 Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) - Mar 10, 2017
75 T8 John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Mar 06, 2017
"Video Game + Comic Book mash-up / cinematography = John Wick. So ─▒ want to say something about how no one really acheive to shit John from his head ?! He gets too many hits/shoots but all of them tanked by his suit !! Metro shootout with common was pretty hilarous and silly.. There is no police in this world.. And Assasins is the most crowded population in the world ?! These are the silliest thing about the movie.. But when you look at acting, action scenes, stuntwork, visual its great "
78 T9 Sword of the Stranger (2007) - Mar 03, 2017
86 T10 Moana (2016) - Feb 25, 2017
"Great songs, visuals, beatiful animation, good and innocent humor. Great ancient messages about nature and humanity and free will. Its can be considered as both educational and insparational.. And its stunning. "
83 T10 The Boy and the Beast (2015) - Feb 25, 2017
"Good mash-up , Fine messages and character developtments, character arcs also great. Animation is simple but good. Characters are loveable, screenplay is understandable but also fit with scenario. Ending and the relationship between boy and girl looks like kinda rushed but it was still heart-warming nice movie. "