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Bio: I love movies. I currently write full-length reviews over at www.walkingtaco.com, a great site where I and several other writers review movies new and old. Check us out and leave us comments!

I use Criticker, an excellent quick-review site, to manage and keep track of all the films I see that I may not have a chance to review in full-length on my site.

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65 T4 Mom and Dad (2017) - Jan 19, 2018
"The premise is terrifying and sickening - some of what is here is very uncomfortable to watch onscreen - luckily Brian Taylor shows "some" restraint in that regard. The performances are rock solid, with even Nicolas 'Uncaged' a delightful hoot. My reservations come from the nature of the premise - I can't recommend a movie that finds dark comedy in the murder/attempted murder of infants, toddlers and children. But the real clincher is the lack of an ending. "
30 T1 Killing Gunther (2017) - Jan 19, 2018
"It's labored, straining and not very funny outside of when Arnold is onscreen - which isn't until the final 20 minutes. The documentary angle also doesn't help the movie. "
95 T10 The Big Sick (2017) - Jan 18, 2018
50 T3 Vampire's Kiss (1989) - Jan 15, 2018
"This movie is profoundly awful but also brilliant for its unexpected depth. Cage is equally terrible and perfect here. The confounding strangeness is infectious, the ugliness and treatment of women in this picture is appalling, but perhaps that's part of the reason for the movie - exploring the insanity of heartbreak and of men's egos."
45 T2 Bright (2017) - Jan 12, 2018
"Smith's ugliest movie since Bad Boys 2. It's ambitious, but the script is lazy - Ayer continues to rely on the same material even when he masks it with fantasy. The MA/R rating also doesn't serve the movie well. "
74 T7 Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) - Jan 12, 2018
60 T4 Geostorm (2017) - Jan 12, 2018
79 T8 The Disaster Artist (2017) - Jan 12, 2018
68 T5 The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) - Jan 04, 2018
"It's guilty-pleasure fun watching two actors do what they do best. But for all the fun the leads are having, the movie is a bit too violent and ugly to balance out the comedic bits. So while the movie can be fun, it also turns sharply uncomfortable on a dime. "
48 T2 Atomic Blonde (2017) - Jan 04, 2018
"The movie contains one of the best action sequences ever filmed, but the narrative is a chore and not very exciting. "