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84 T7 The Best Offer (2013) - Aug 16, 2017
77 T4 Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Aug 12, 2017
"In no way does this dumbed-down remake improve on the superlative 1995 anime original. That being said, it does look awesome. Sadly, the philosophical quandaries the original makes us ponder are only superficially present here. Most of the cast do well with what they're given. But Juliette, if you don't believe it, we won't either. I don't know what happened to Peter Fernandino (Cutter), though. He was cringe-worthy in this one. An ultimately superfluous and reductive remake of a classic. "
88 T9 Baby Driver (2017) - Aug 11, 2017
""Shop, let's talk it." Even though the ending is a bit touch-and-go to my taste, the rest of this caper careers along at a break-neck pace to the fantastic soundtrack. The way the visuals blend in with the music is superbly executed. Enjoyable to the max. Elgort is very good, Spacey is dependable as ever, Hamm and Foxx are stand-out. The writing is right on the money."
70 T2 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) - Aug 10, 2017
"In limbo somewhere between entertaining enough and pretentious as all f*ck. A word to any other directors looking to make violent medieval-themed films with no blood at all: don't do it. It looks absurd. Hunnam is wooden, as always. Direction is shaky, both figuratively and literally."
79 T4 The Soloist (2009) - Aug 04, 2017
83 T7 Boyz n the Hood (1991) - Aug 02, 2017
"Fishburne is superb. The other actors somewhat less so. A bit preachy, but powerful nonetheless. The opening shot (the stop sign) is a bit too obvious (yeah, we want inner-city black-on-black violence to stop ..."
74 T3 Savages (2012) - Jul 30, 2017
83 T7 Chef (2014) - Jul 30, 2017
82 T6 Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 27, 2017