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Celluloid Junkie - 2814 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 29, 2007

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Bio: After a fairly Lynchian childhood in an American suburb, I moved to Japan at 13, saw foreign film, and it destroyed my fragile little mind. Now forever damaged, I live in LA, have degrees in Cinema and Religion, a Masters in Information Science, and watch too many films in between writing projects. Life goals: direct a film, and see a UFO.
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97 97% Twin Peaks (1990) - Jun 05, 2017
"The Death of the American Dream: or, Society in retrograde. The Pilot episode is utterly magnificent - the way death is both like a thunderclap, and an inevitability, is clearly what enraptured America to Lynch and Frost's hallucinogenic Soap from hell (and kept interest when this Soapier side started to foam at the mouth). To me, though, TP is about society regressing back into a primitive - and spiritual - state that was always there, obscured by picket fences, damn fine coffee, and apple pie."
87 85% Starship Troopers (1997) - Sep 09, 2008
"Starship Troopers is an open question: childish and violent, but swimming in subtext about appropriation of war, propaganda, The Other, and so forth. Why does it cast all white actors as Spanish characters from Buenos Aires? What does it say about engendering violence in our schools, or how the war splits the characters apart (for a common goal)? Verhoeven's brilliance is so in-your-face, it flies under the radar."
1% High School Musical (2006) - Sep 11, 2008
"Music that wants to be a musical. Works surprisingly well as a horror film."
91 90% Get Out (2017) - Feb 26, 2017
"Horror is a surprising vehicle for empathy. Few genres are able to so deftly enter the perspective of a character and pry out internal fears, subjective realities, and inner demons. What works so brutally well here is the way Peele slowly, eerily, gives passive racial/racist assumptions and cliches an uncanny physicality. For the runtime, I was seeing the world through Chris' eyes. And given the plot of the film, as a white person, this fact is absolutely terrifying in more ways than one."
76 64% Heaven Can Wait (1943) - Nov 29, 2010
"Lubitsch's use of ellipsis is intelligent to the point of being profound: it really is like grasping at the wind of life to catch only the most important bits. Still, I get the distinct impression that Lubitsch is looking back on his own life - and his distinct gender politics, marrying love and polygamy - and hoping Satan is just a heck of a nice fella. There is a very peculiar melancholy there, creating a different level of dark comedy. And I truly hope that worked out for him, really."
94 94% Secret Sunshine (2007) - Jun 13, 2012
"Exhausting. This should be used in Christian circles - not to show the damnation of the faith, because it never goes down that rabbit hole; nor as propaganda, because the Church in many ways exacerbates Sin-ae's suffering. But that's why it should be seen. What Chang-dong Lee is showing is a person's slow mutation of insufferable grief into pride, and the community's part to play in the matter. Lee's getting to the point using only a few performances and nuanced cinematography is masterful."
100 99% A Serious Man (2009) - Feb 20, 2010
"A modern-day Job, but in this variation, despite the same pleading and anger due to surreal happenstance, God has no voice to rebut either the 3 rabbis or poor Larry. What does that mean? I dunno. Jefferson Airplane."
10 1% Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) - Nov 03, 2010
"Writer to Studio Exec: "OK, so the Immortals are actually Aliens." Exec: "What about the first movie?" W: "What first movie? Anyway, it's the future, and McLeod is old, but he has to fight an evil corporation from hiding the ozone layer from them." Exec: "He's old? Isn't he immortal?" W: "He is immortal!" Exec: "OK, I'll give you $35 million. Just steal more ideas from Blade Runner and Logan's Run if you need anything.""
97 97% Barry Lyndon (1975) - Sep 08, 2008
"Basically, Barry Lyndon is like walking through an art gallery, and each painting gives you just that much more of the story. I love the veneer of artifice (hinting at class divisions) that permeates the dialogue and narration, which is only underscored by the natural lighting and costumes: there's no romanticism here, everyone's simultaneously butt-ugly and beautiful. And I don't care how long this is, if you get swept up in the visual aura, this can be 8 hours long and still a joy to behold."
71 55% Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Apr 12, 2017
"A vaguely sinister multinational constructs an idealized female human form from computers and corporate interests, only to encounter backlash when that form starts questioning its identity in a world where individuality is informed by physical attributes. Production history or plot synopsis? This film is unintentionally meta af. "