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85 78% Beauty and the Beast (1991) - Aug 29, 2021
"One of my favorites of the classic Disney movies. Great songs and a sweet story. Be Our Guest lives in my head rent free. They don't make them like that anymore!"
80 57% Knight and Day (2010) - Aug 29, 2021
"Funny, cute, and emotional. Roy is a Good Boy and June is Trying Her Best. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have excellent chemistry. This is a spy movie I can see myself enjoying for years to come."
70 24% Aladdin (2019) - Aug 29, 2021
"Not as good as the original, of course, but not as horrible as I was expecting. Will Smith was definitely the best part, and I especially enjoyed his version of Arabian Nights. I'm not sure how I feel about the changes made to the ending, but overall I wouldn't be opposed to watching it again at some point."
75 38% Central Intelligence (2016) - Aug 29, 2021
"A bit slow in the beginning and a bit dumb at the end, but overall I had a great time with this movie. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have amazing comedic chemistry with each other, which ultimately makes many of the scenes a hoot and a half. And to top it all off, it actually had a pretty decent message. I'd definitely watch it again in a heartbeat."
0% Ancient Aliens (2009) - Aug 29, 2021
"I hate nothing as much as I hate this show. Maybe it could have had something in the way of entertainment value if I hadn't been forced to watch hours upon hours of it alongside somebody who actually believes it all."
75 38% Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Aug 03, 2021
"This is where the MCU started to go downhill for me. Sure, this is still a decent movie, but unlike pretty much all Marvel movies before it, I never exactly get the urge to watch it. I might put it on if it happens to be on tv, but that's about it. It's so high stakes that it's not as much fun as other entries, but what humor is there does still land pretty well."
80 57% Transformers (2007) - Aug 03, 2021
"A lot of fun to watch, and pretty funny, to boot. Bumblebee is precious and Optimus Prime makes me feel safe. That being said, I've been unwilling to watch any of the later entries in this franchise. I think this movie is fine on its own, just the way it is."
75 38% Men in Black: International (2019) - Aug 03, 2021
"Boring for the entire first half. Picks up a bit in the third quarter, about the time Rebecca Ferguson's character shows up. Unfortunately, starts to fall flat again after that. Ultimately, I felt pretty unsatisfied by the ending and the amount of plotlines that were either left open-ended or seemingly dropped entirely."
90 91% How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Nov 01, 2020
85 78% Sonic X (2003) - Nov 01, 2020
"Alright, listen. I know this show is pretty much universally hated. But I adore it. It's what really made me fall in love with the Sonic franchise, and it was a huge part of my childhood. There's definitely a lot of secondhand embarrassment to be had from watching it, and 4kids undoubtedly butchered the original for their English dub, but I still enjoy it to this day. Maybe it's not objectively "good", but what does that matter if it's still a great time?"