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Member Since: Nov 26, 2010

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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60 66% Eighth Grade (2018) - Aug 06, 2018
"Brings you back to those awkward school days! I saw it with my adult sister, who said afterward she felt a clenched chest from all of the memories it conjured in her. Felt 100% authentically real. Gucci!"
20 11% Leave No Trace (2018) - Aug 01, 2018
"Very quiet movie where very little happens. You could express everything that happens in the film in about 5 storyboard panels. It will soon leave no trace whatsoever in my memory."
20 11% Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Jul 26, 2018
"I tuned out about an hour in. Spent the last hour and a half in the theatre basically waiting for it to end. Almost devoid of humour and fun. Between action sequences, the film would ground to a halt as everyone talked in circles about who is double-crossing who. At one point Cavill says: "Why did you have to make it so fucking complicated?" My sentiments exactly. There's no payoff to any of their jabbering. My theatre was full of yawns. And 2 more tired face mask rip-off twists. YAWN."
20 11% East of Eden (1955) - Jul 26, 2018
"I only vaguely remember seeing this, and apparently forgot to rate it on my websites. But I rated it poorly on my TiVo."
40 37% Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018) - Jul 20, 2018
"It was okay, but not worth the price of admission at the cinema. It wasn't noticeably better than the Mr. Rogers documentary show I saw just a while ago, for free, on PBS."
40 37% Casino (1995) - Jul 13, 2018
"Overlong and the plot isn't very interesting. About half of it is De Niro dealing with his coked out Sharon Stone wife."
80 85% The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling (2018) - Jul 08, 2018
"I'm a big comedy and history of comedy fan, so I was all over this. Unfortunately I was too young to see his shows at the time, so this was my introduction to him. I'll definitely make the time to check his shows out."
60 66% North by Northwest (1959) - Jul 06, 2018
"Over-complicated and convoluted plot. And ad-man turns into Double-O-Thornhill instananeously, which is downright preposterous. Still, it's Hitchcock so there's a lot to like. And the extra kid with his fingers in his ears during the gunshots at the end is one of the all-time film bloopers, which is always good for a giggle."
80 85% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Jul 06, 2018
"Very entertaining. So many funny bits. Hilarious Stan Lee cameo one-liner. Really good use of 3D when they went through the quantum tunnel. The quantum realm looked great too. Those bits reminded me of the trippy stuff from "Doctor Strange". Great mid-credits scene that really got a reaction from the whole audience. Better than the first!"
60 66% Chuck (2016) - Jul 05, 2018
"I'm a huge boxing fan, so I'm a sucker for the subject matter."