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Celluloid Junkie - 2682 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 17, 2009

Location: Perth, Australia

Bio: I use to work in a Blockbuster, I than spent 6 months studying film where I achieved nothing. I now do something totally irrelevant but still love my movies!
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35% Truth or Dare (2018) - May 17, 2018
"I mean it wasn't the worst 90 minute basic horror I've seen..."
92% Isle of Dogs (2018) - May 17, 2018
""Who votes Chief should fight the robot dog?" This is beautiful and funny. I mean the bento box and puppy feed scenes alone have me swooning. Wes hits every creative note with style and affection. Much like dogs themselves, we don't deserve them or films with this much passion. "
19% Batman Ninja (2018) - May 17, 2018
"Like I was all for this. Batman and the Joker in feudal Japan, that sounds awesome. Than *SPOILERS* we have castle transformers going all Voltron along with monkey armies doing the same. Okay that's enough acid for today. "
65% A Quiet Place (2018) - May 17, 2018
"Has its faults for sure but its a an enjoyable little number. Solid script, keeps you on edge for the most part and builds a world without feeling the need to spoon feed the viewer. "
43% Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - May 17, 2018
"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. IM IN SPACE NOW IM HERE TO FIGHT. It's all a bit bleh. Like I guess it's impressive to get everyone together after all these years (was Paul Rudd busy or something?) yet it is still the same predictable popcorn movie. Best of the 3 Avenger films which isn't is exactly the most competitive event you could enter. "
65% Black Panther (2018) - May 17, 2018
"It's fun and packs a bit more more of a punch than most Marvel flicks. Cast is solid as is the score. It doesn't fully escape the usual tropes but it makes them their own (a bit like Guardians 1) ."
27% Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Mar 14, 2018
"This was poo. I actually really liked "The Force Awakens" too. Scenes are contrived even in a Star Wars blockbuster sense. It's also Michael Bay level cringe at times. "
53% Good Time (2017) - Feb 27, 2018
"An alright time."
65% Phantom Thread (2017) - Feb 27, 2018
"Exquisitely and meticulously put together. If this is the last we see of Daniel Day-Lewis than its a shame but also a worthy performance. Never quite fully captured me in the end and hasn't sat with me afterwards which is quite bizarre for a PTA flick. "
35% Columbus (2017) - Feb 27, 2018
"This movie made me feel even more isolated in Western Australia. "