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Bio: I use to work in a Blockbuster, I than spent 6 months studying film where I achieved nothing. I now do something totally irrelevant but still love my movies!

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T9 The Big Sick (2017) - Jan 30, 2018
"Authentic and touching. Had a big stupid grin on my face during all of Kumail and Emilie's exchanges. Had the complications equal the laughs, bit of a surprise. Zoe Kazan deserves a lot more credit, she was wonderful."
T2 The Florida Project (2017) - Jan 30, 2018
"An overly disconnected experience. The word graining comes to mind, I didn't feel much compassion and nothing film-wise really captured me. Hell, I'll go for the hat trick, Dafoe is overrated here. Actually one more, that ending was horrendous. "
T7 Molly's Game (2017) - Jan 30, 2018
"Very Sorkin, fast, flashy and all in all overly harmless. Enjoyed the ride and had some solid performances - Chastain as solid as ever. "
T7 I, Tonya (2017) - Jan 30, 2018
"It's an interesting one. There is something a little off but for the most part - style and performance carry it to an almost podium finish. "
T10 Lady Bird (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"This ticked every box for me. So much so I've watched it twice in two days. One of those rare experiences where it's a coming of age tale that doesn't feel contrived for the sake of Hollywood. Ronan is simply irresistible and I'm going to be very interested in Gerwig's future projects. I've gone through a hectic time lately and this film helped me get back on my feet as well as it moved me quite strongly. "
T3 Darkest Hour (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"Does this movie come out every year? Generic biopic that has no style, that nets an incredibly talented actor an oscar for a film that is forgotten about the month after awards season. This is utterly bland and I didn't even think Oldman did anything too amazing here. Ugh. "
T9 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"Tense and complicated. My opinion on every character was constantly being challenged. Well constructed and filled with difficult situations that made for a very solid watch. "
T6 The Disaster Artist (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"There is a solid bromance at it's heart which drives the entire feature. Both Francos are on point giving it their all. A lightweight distraction. "
T7 The Shape of Water (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"A little let down in the end. It's good but I feel the second half, it gets a bit lost. There are some wonderfully directed moments which really shine and Hawkins is just mesmerizing as usual. "
T9 Call Me by Your Name (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"Touching honest real film making. Timothée Chalamet's performance fully embodies that of a confused teenager coming to grips with who they are. The final shot and Stuhlbarg's monologue are heart wrenching. "