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Celluloid Junkie - 2731 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 17, 2009

Location: Perth, Australia

Bio: I use to work in a Blockbuster, I than spent 6 months studying film where I achieved nothing. I now do something totally irrelevant but still love my movies!
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80% Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) - Jan 01, 2019
"One of the funnest visual experiences I've had, might of been a few Aperol Spritzes involved but I found this journey completely wild. Unique with plenty of great sequences and music to boot. CHOP IT!"
53% Annihilation (2018) - Dec 31, 2018
"Sci-fi lite. Has a lot of good aspects, are you going to revisit it though¿"
53% Roma (2018) - Dec 31, 2018
"It's utterly beautiful and deserves a cinematography Oscar nod as much as "The Favourite". Just wasn't as emotionally invested in it as I thought. There was some dragging moments all. Looks to be an accurate reconciliation of a point of time that just didn't quite absorb me. "
80% Black Mirror: San Junipero (2016) - Dec 30, 2018
"Not quite "Hang the DJ" but easily one of the best. "
80% Black Mirror: Hang the DJ (2017) - Dec 30, 2018
"Prior to "Bandersnatch", my favourite episode. Unique and heartwarming. Really enjoyable premise and delivery. "
65% Bird Box (2018) - Dec 30, 2018
"Captured attention, had enthralling scenes and was well performed. Rather similar to "A Quiet Place" yet still solid in it's own right. "
53% The Favourite (2018) - Dec 30, 2018
"Equally the great performances is the lighting and Kubrick-esque shots. Pretty apparent how good Olman, Weisz and Stone are but I think Hoult is the most underrated, sold me to a tea. It is just build up though. You've dined your date, got her home and then they put on a sleep mask going to sleep. Lagged a bit too long without the fireworks. "
92% The Leftovers (2014) - Dec 13, 2018
"Thought provoking breathtaking television. I love this type of story telling, doesn't hold your hand and half the time makes you come up with your own conclusions. An absorbing upsetting world that sucks you right into the peril. "
80% McQueen (2018) - Dec 11, 2018
"What an absolute talent. Fascinating and extremely well put together. I have the same conflict as "Amy" of the body bag media shot, such bad taste but almost essential for the documentary? Just makes me feel uneasy. "
92% Climax (2018) - Dec 11, 2018
"Got put in cinema 1 with roughly 7 other people and everyone just looked at each other after the lights got put back on. A ghastly and hectic traumatic visual audio show that constantly had me of edge. I love movies that still are on my mind days later and this is no different. "