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20 T1 Salt (2010) - Sep 10, 2010
"The film actually sets out pretty well, but the incredibilities take over and several scenes become involuntarily funny ("... enrage nine million Muslims!"). Oh, and the use of the name Tarkovsky in a film like this is god damn blasphemy. "
85 T10 This Is Spinal Tap (1984) - Jan 02, 2011
"A cinematic landmark, this work of fiction utilises the documentary form in a clever way. By letting its absurdities take place inside a seemingly rational world, the humorous effect is elevated to insurmountable heights. Simply brilliant. "We can't really talk now, we have to go wait for the limousine.""
50 T3 Evil (2003) - Jul 22, 2010
60 T5 The Rite (2011) - Mar 08, 2011
"To my surprise, not terrible at all. Hopkins is great in this decent and well paced homage to horror landmarks such as 'The Exorcist'."
75 T8 The Parallax View (1974) - Oct 13, 2010
"Solely focusing on pushing the plot forward, the film's main character is heavily underdeveloped, and one never fully understands the character's drive and motive power - just as Pakula has intended. The lack of character depth emphazises the film's overall cynicism as does the outstanding cinematography, reminiscent of Antonioni: Stunning scenery is filmed in long shots, keeping the audience emotional afar. A gloomy depiction of the paranoia that ruled America in the beginning of the 70's."
70 T7 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972) - Aug 23, 2010
"The different segments range from pure genius to mediocrity. I espacially enjoyed "What's My Perversion?" and the part where Woody plays a sperm cell. And of course the best bit of the film, Gene Wilder falling in love with an Armenian sheep. Yes, that last sentence is correct."
30 T2 The Beach (2000) - Oct 03, 2010
"Welcome to voice-over Hell: If you don't get it by watching it, we sure will tell you!"
50 T3 Love and Death (1975) - Nov 29, 2010
"It's not that I didn't get all the references to Russian litterature, I simply didn't find them all that humorous. Too much slapstick and intertextuality, too little of the real, heavenly neurotic Woody."
60 T5 The A-Team (2010) - Jul 08, 2010
"Three scriptwriters and still the tank flying scene is in the final draft. The tank FLYING scene?! That aside, The A-Team is a fine and fun popcorn flick, espacially due to Patrick Wilson's stellar performance. "
70 T7 The Town (2010) - Oct 27, 2010
"Obviously, Affleck wants to depict the brutal life of Charlestown in the name of credibility and concerning the overall millieu and most characters, he succeeds. His own fairy tale character (the bank robber with a heart of gold), however, seems out of place. Too easily he escapes his own social heritage and instead of becoming interesting action with social commentary, the film merely turns into a simple action fairy tale. But a thrilling and exciting one, that is."