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75 T8 The Parallax View (1974) - Oct 13, 2010
"Solely focusing on pushing the plot forward, the film's main character is heavily underdeveloped, and one never fully understands the character's drive and motive power - just as Pakula has intended. The lack of character depth emphazises the film's overall cynicism as does the outstanding cinematography, reminiscent of Antonioni: Stunning scenery is filmed in long shots, keeping the audience emotional afar. A gloomy depiction of the paranoia that ruled America in the beginning of the 70's."
50 T3 Going the Distance (2010) - Sep 13, 2010
"Provides a few laughs, but the film never levitates from the pool of mediocrity, into which the American rom-com seems to have dived. "
20 T1 Salt (2010) - Sep 10, 2010
"The film actually sets out pretty well, but the incredibilities take over and several scenes become involuntarily funny ("... enrage nine million Muslims!"). Oh, and the use of the name Tarkovsky in a film like this is god damn blasphemy. "
50 T3 Lightning Over Water (1980) - Aug 23, 2010
"Wenders' talent shines through in a few pure and hauntingly beautiful scenes, but on the whole I found the film to be a bit tedious and not fulfilling its potential. "
60 T5 The Rite (2011) - Mar 08, 2011
"To my surprise, not terrible at all. Hopkins is great in this decent and well paced homage to horror landmarks such as 'The Exorcist'."
80 T9 A Woman Under the Influence (1974) - Jan 25, 2011
"Rowlands is simply outstanding. One of the greatest performances in the history of cinema."
70 T7 The Doors (1991) - Aug 24, 2010
"Kilmer's performance is a tour de force of sheer brilliance, but the film is too long. Stone drags out many of the concert scenes to the point of annoyance, which reflects many of The Doors' long songs. However, in that art form it works, not on the big screen. "
30 T2 127 Hours (2010) - Jan 07, 2011
"Boyle makes all the wrong decisions here. Not to lose our attention, he uses all cinematic means imaginable which in the end do nothing but annoy. More importantly, they create no sense of the terror and tediousness, the main character must feel in his grueling situation. In a film primarily consisting of one character in terrible distress, sympathy is key, and Boyle simply doesn't create it - in spite of Franco's fine performance. A Hollywood version of the much more intriguing 'Buried'."
75 T8 Me and Orson Welles (2009) - Aug 12, 2010
"This overall charming film belongs to Christian McKay. In an outstanding way he has captivated Welles' behaviour and mannerisms perfectly without neglecting to give the character a touch of his own personality, which keeps the performance from becoming an imitation. The rest of cast - including boy wonder Efron - performs solidly. "
30 T2 Disturbia (2007) - Sep 03, 2010
"Rear Window ultra, ultra, ultra ... ultra light."