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75 T8 The Parallax View (1974) - Oct 13, 2010
"Solely focusing on pushing the plot forward, the film's main character is heavily underdeveloped, and one never fully understands the character's drive and motive power - just as Pakula has intended. The lack of character depth emphazises the film's overall cynicism as does the outstanding cinematography, reminiscent of Antonioni: Stunning scenery is filmed in long shots, keeping the audience emotional afar. A gloomy depiction of the paranoia that ruled America in the beginning of the 70's."
30 T2 Disturbia (2007) - Sep 03, 2010
"Rear Window ultra, ultra, ultra ... ultra light."
40 T2 The Others (2001) - Dec 10, 2009
""Hey! Remember that ghost flick by M. Night Sham-ma-hama-la a few years ago that made alotta bucks?" "Well, ehrm..." "Let's make it again!""
30 T2 The Beach (2000) - Oct 03, 2010
"Welcome to voice-over Hell: If you don't get it by watching it, we sure will tell you!"
70 T7 The Town (2010) - Oct 27, 2010
"Obviously, Affleck wants to depict the brutal life of Charlestown in the name of credibility and concerning the overall millieu and most characters, he succeeds. His own fairy tale character (the bank robber with a heart of gold), however, seems out of place. Too easily he escapes his own social heritage and instead of becoming interesting action with social commentary, the film merely turns into a simple action fairy tale. But a thrilling and exciting one, that is."
50 T3 Love and Death (1975) - Nov 29, 2010
"It's not that I didn't get all the references to Russian litterature, I simply didn't find them all that humorous. Too much slapstick and intertextuality, too little of the real, heavenly neurotic Woody."
60 T5 The A-Team (2010) - Jul 08, 2010
"Three scriptwriters and still the tank flying scene is in the final draft. The tank FLYING scene?! That aside, The A-Team is a fine and fun popcorn flick, espacially due to Patrick Wilson's stellar performance. "
70 T7 The Doors (1991) - Aug 24, 2010
"Kilmer's performance is a tour de force of sheer brilliance, but the film is too long. Stone drags out many of the concert scenes to the point of annoyance, which reflects many of The Doors' long songs. However, in that art form it works, not on the big screen. "
20 T1 Secret Window (2004) - Dec 01, 2010
"And I who thought John Turturro couldn't be uncool. All it took was a ridiculously looking hat and, not to mention, one hell of a script - literally. "
80 T9 Roger Dodger (2002) - Jul 13, 2010
"Great performances from the cast, especially Scott, and a nice and thorough visuel style. It's a shame director Kidd chose an optimistic ending, which doesn't seem to fit the film's tone and mood. Had the last five minutes ended on the cutting room floor, Roger Dodger would have been an indie masterpiece."