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Member Since: Dec 4, 2009

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40 19% The Others (2001) - Dec 10, 2009
""Hey! Remember that ghost flick by M. Night Sham-ma-hama-la a few years ago that made alotta bucks?" "Well, ehrm..." "Let's make it again!""
50 29% Lightning Over Water (1980) - Aug 23, 2010
"Wenders' talent shines through in a few pure and hauntingly beautiful scenes, but on the whole I found the film to be a bit tedious and not fulfilling its potential. "
50 29% Love and Death (1975) - Nov 29, 2010
"It's not that I didn't get all the references to Russian litterature, I simply didn't find them all that humorous. Too much slapstick and intertextuality, too little of the real, heavenly neurotic Woody."
50 29% Evil (2003) - Jul 22, 2010
30 11% The Wolfman (2010) - Mar 15, 2010
"Predictable from the first frame. "
60 41% Tron: Legacy (2010) - Jan 06, 2011
"Yes, the film is at times extremely poorly written and acted, the third act doesn't work, and some things are just plain weird (the partial usage of the Inception score, Jeff Bridges talking like The Dude). But what a world it creates. The Grid is simply mesmerizing, and the film greatly takes advantage of the unique possibilities of its universe to create spectacular and breathtaking action sequences. And who can resist the retro-fabolous Daft Punk-soundtrack? "
20 6% Salt (2010) - Sep 10, 2010
"The film actually sets out pretty well, but the incredibilities take over and several scenes become involuntarily funny ("... enrage nine million Muslims!"). Oh, and the use of the name Tarkovsky in a film like this is god damn blasphemy. "
30 11% The Beach (2000) - Oct 03, 2010
"Welcome to voice-over Hell: If you don't get it by watching it, we sure will tell you!"
20 6% The Lovely Bones (2009) - May 08, 2010
"In many ways a completely horrendous film. The casting exemplifies this perfectly: A 30-year-old looking, Indian man is supposed to be the love interest of Saoirse Ronan, who at most looks 13 years old. Come on! Not to mention Ronan's in the film 'little sister', who obviously outages Ronan by far. The whole thing reeks of incredibility, so one can't help but distance oneself from the film and several scenes become involuntarily funny. Tucci isn't that good, and Wahlberg is once again terrible."
80 82% Roger Dodger (2002) - Jul 13, 2010
"Great performances from the cast, especially Scott, and a nice and thorough visuel style. It's a shame director Kidd chose an optimistic ending, which doesn't seem to fit the film's tone and mood. Had the last five minutes ended on the cutting room floor, Roger Dodger would have been an indie masterpiece."