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Location: Poland

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73 49% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Jun 25, 2018
"I watched the second part of Jurassic World or the fifth part of Jurassic Park, if you prefer. I was having a great time and despite many idiocys (not only in biological matters), the movie is holding up and grabbing my heart. Not only do dinosaurs look wonderful and the whole place. At the moment, the acting creations are not flat to the pain, and such a lot of flavor for the fans of the series is simply a mastery. It's like that!"
94 99% Photon (2017) - May 20, 2018
"This film is one of the best documents I had the opportunity to see. A documentary about everything, life, existence, time and space. A brilliant lector, photos and moving music. This is a must-watch!"
86 89% Deadpool 2 (2018) - May 19, 2018
"Expectations regarding this production were as huge as for the new Avengers and as in every sequel spectacle I counted on more, stronger, longer and somehow I got it.The presence of well-known figures from comic books is extremely entertaining, but in the case of this continuation, a more interesting and banal plot would be more important for me, and less variegated badass. It is fun and painless, but somewhere the clarity of individual scenes is blurred at the end. Well, this over-talked final!"
38 3% Terminal (2018) - May 13, 2018
"A new movie from Margot Robbie, unfortunately, did not live up to my unrealistic expectations. The climate of the neo noir and the dark atmosphere accompanying the whole intrigue, not only that it does not draw in its finale yet, is so strange and senseless that the secret and the growing tension are somewhere to escape. It's mainly Robbie, although there are a few very characteristic actors in the film. Sad."
51 9% Red Sparrow (2018) - May 13, 2018
"Given the large marketing of this production, only after a few months I had the opportunity to see the latest film from Jennifer Lawrence. This is not a production that could be a super hit, but it's not a bad movie either. A spy intrigue and boring scenario allows me to rate this film as an average movie with a good cast."
72 46% The Master Cleanse (2016) - May 06, 2018
78 66% Peter Rabbit (2018) - May 05, 2018
"A very nice family movie with lots of songs, great animation and good but not brilliant acting. I was having a great time because it is a cinema that does not need to be touched, does not bother and, most importantly, it does not bore me."
92 97% The Bridge (2011) - May 03, 2018
"One of the best finals of the crime series I've seen lately. Of course, it does not match the finale of The Killing series, but the investigation is greatly confused, the main character once again shows the class and what does not often happen - emotions and the climate of the season may not be as dark as the first two but it has something in it. As if that was not enough, every moment we have a cliffhanger that raises pressure."
64 23% The Lodgers (2017) - May 02, 2018
"A haunted place, weirdly behaving residents and a lot of dark melodies, in a nutshell, you can describe this gothic horror, although the atmosphere is mostly haunting in it. There are maybe a few dark scenes or scary scenes, and the biggest problem is not so much the gloomy climate as tiring, long scenes do not bring anything to the plot. As if we were watching a slide show from a gothic property and hoping that something will happen."
70 39% Psychokinesis (2018) - May 01, 2018
"Self-conscious comedy cinema playing with the convention of supernatural power from space. Many elements from Chronicle, X-MEN and parody of these super-heroic productions. Everything with a little dramatic shell does not let you get bored with the next outrage of the main character."