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56% An Evening With Tim Heidecker (2020) - Apr 04, 2021
"Disappointing, but stand up is an experiment for Heidecker whose typically adept satirical material is remarkably earnest. On Cinema is one of his finest creations, and his 4+ hour courtroom drama is genuinely groundbreaking. His eponymous character therein offers not only one of the only legitmate critiques of the modern right, but a refreshingly unencumbered affront to the prosopopeia tones and temperaments which incessantly beleaguer society. "
27% Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) - Mar 18, 2021
"Hardly better than the original. Gratuitously long with an unjustifiable amount of slow mo at seemingly random times. Straight-to-DVD quality cgi. Back to the senseless action scenes and ambiguous stakes of 90's superhero movies. "
56% Margin Call (2011) - Mar 13, 2021
2% Gulliver's Travels (2010) - Mar 13, 2021
75% My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - Mar 13, 2021
40% Doom Patrol (2019) - Jan 31, 2021
"Jane alone brings this show down. A pathetically lazy excuse for a plot device, 63 mcguffins built into one tedious and flat character, acted notably and distractingly poorly compared to the others. Some funny moments, not enough to justify a circular plot. "
27% WandaVision (2021) - Jan 29, 2021
"They are very comfortable investing a lot of time in a world they establish early on as being irrelevant. Vision is an entirely new character here with much more depth & humanity than they last established. They still have no idea how to handle either character's powers. Vision moves at the speed of light now, but moves MUCH slower in action. He can't pass humans through items but can pass items through humans. Wanda can manifest anything, but not dinner. Sometimes with a red mist sometimes not."
27% Prospect (2018) - Jan 29, 2021
"Very shallow worldbuilding. Apollo mission-level technology and ambiguous alien name-dropping make up the entirety of the atmosphere. Equally shallow lead, Pascal's character is the only one with any relative depth. "
40% Mank (2020) - Jan 23, 2021
"Ok, not great. Screenwriters patting themselves on the back for their unrelateablely smooth and constant banter. This is nearly pure fiction, and is not at all representative of the political happenings of the time which I haven't seen mentioned much. This is more of a heavily stylized emotional reflection than a factual biography. It's focus is on recreating an era and mood first. Oldman shines, as always. The finest actor of all time and the main reason this is worth a watch. "
75% How To with John Wilson (2020) - Jan 11, 2021
"Great premise, decently fleshed out. Takes unexpected and amusing tangents but doesn't always connect with social dissonance as well as Nathan for You did. "