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50 30% Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) - Jun 20, 2021
"One of those movies I never got to watch as a kid and really wanted to. Tropical cartoon shenanigans and magical suits of armor tromping around the countryside! ...then I watched it as an adult. The kid characters are Not Good (the elder boy is particularly obnoxious), the stage makeup and sets make everything non-animated dreary and dull, it's at least half an hour too long, and Disney's fetishizing English culture again but with military worship thrown in. I'm glad I watched it once, I guess?"
0% Foodfight (2012) - Jun 19, 2021
"So the character designs are bad, made worse by the animation; the direction is bad, the pacing worse, the script made simultaneously of cliches *and* absolute nonsense; and it's full of racism, fatphobia, queermisia and more. But the truly reprehensible thing? If your bad guys have not just Nazi-esque styles but genuine references to their rhetoric and systemic dehumanization, you have to fucking pay that off, give it the weight it deserves. This uses that shit to sell Cheetos and Mr. Clean."
63 44% Kamen Rider Saber (2020) - Jun 17, 2021
"I watched 15 episodes, trying to give this a fair shake. There's a lot to appreciate - the wild action cinematography, the color and care put into the costumes and effects, and the ideas behind the character relationships. But... those ideas never really get fleshed out, and so many interesting possibilities are ignored in favor of a combination of Kamen Rider cliches and Super Sentai cliches. Plus, I really feel like I got female-Rider-baited. I'm not gonna say it's not worth a try, but..."
80 76% Some Like It Hot (1959) - Jun 15, 2021
"As a queer trans person, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this movie, but I definitely enjoyed it. There's certainly a lot of fascinating energies floating around ("I'm a girl, I'm a girl..." "I'm a boy, I'm a boy..."). Marilyn Monroe is a startlingly good actor, and a far cry from the breathy sex kitten modern imitators usually portray. The "millionaire" subplot is super weird (what exactly is this guy's imagined endgame, here?), the gangland stuff is weird, it's all weird and interesting."
77 70% Dark City (1998) - Jun 12, 2021
"This is an interesting story - a character study of someone who doesn't have memories, focusing on what makes us ourselves above and beyond our experiences. The big SF reveal comes too early, even in the director's cut, but it's still a bunch of really interesting ideas mooshed together. It drips with atmosphere, and the anime-inspired final battle (Proyas cited Akira) feels like the kind of thing you want from any protagonist who taps into cosmic power - or what I want from them, anyway."
15 5% Dick Tracy (1990) - Jun 05, 2021
"How can something so colorful and cartoony feel so grimy and unpleasant? The criminals are coded as evil by making them disfigured (awful even by the standards of the time), but Tracy comes off as worse than any, torturing suspects, chasing a child in front of a train over petty theft, and going easy on hot criminals over ugly ones. There are a *lot* of other problems - editing, pacing, plot coherence among others - but the way it draws on the ugly morality of '30s media just feels *bad*."
79 74% Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~ (2011) - Jun 04, 2021
"This is a startlingly well-done fan-made series, adapting the Touhou "bullet hell" games. It's a bit more serious-anime-business than the lighthearted banter of the games, but in a fun way that provides a lot of fleshing-out. And goodness gracious, the animation is wonderful - I would be surprised if there weren't industry professionals involved. Definitely recommended for fans. (Note, while iMDB lists only one short in 2011, the series has gone on at least thru 2020, with more planned.)"
81 78% DARLING in the FRANXX (2018) - Jun 03, 2021
"The fan consensus pegs this as conservative propaganda about traditional gender roles and makin' babies, but to me, it feels like a work made by repressed queers who are convinced gender essentialism is real but think that sucks, and are trying to carve out a path towards a positive existence within that framework. Plus, I'd say that, among the many anime about teenagers in giant robots traumatized by being forced to be soldiers, it shows trauma and recovery than 90% of them. Flawed but good."
40 22% The Lord of the Rings (1978) - May 29, 2021
"This is like five different adaptations with seven different animation styles, all mooshed together. There are often multiple styles for the same character in different shots, or even multiple styles in different parts of the same shot! Plus, weirdly extended horseback chases and battle scenes right next to weirdly shortened story beats, odd emotional tones applied via both voice and animation, and a fetishistic focus on hobbit feet. (There's a time and a place, you know?) What the heckle."
85 82% You Can't Take It with You (1938) - May 28, 2021
"It's interesting how Capra's films are often dismissed as insubstantial when every one I've seen has specific and explicit politics. Sure, this movie is about the romance between a girl from a free-spirited family and a boy from a rich stuffy family, but it's also about how the social and economic enforcement of privilege makes us all, rich and poor, miserable. It doesn't always hit its goal (the black servants are a big oversight), but it hits close enough to be relevant as well as charming."