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40 25% Jupiter Ascending (2015) - Feb 09, 2015
"From the directors that brought us the "The Maxtrix" and the silly "Speed Racer", this movie brings us boring action and a plot so full of itself to have fun. At points it is hard to tell if the things in the movie are homage or just laziness by ripping, wholesale, parts of better Sci-Fi franchises. If the romance was replaced with character and world development, the movie would be a lot better. "Guardiains of the Galaxy" this is not."
90 82% Inherent Vice (2014) - Jan 27, 2015
"Anderson is arguably the greatest living American filmmaker, and if Magnolia and There Will Be Blood didn't prove that enough, Inherent Vice will. Adapting Pynchon him for the big screen is no easy task, yet this movie feels effortless. Phoenix is amazing as the stoner detective Doc and Brolin's deadpan cop Bigfoot might be one of the best comedic performances in recent memory. The movie never really tries to make sense, it is as stoned as the main character, but it's a hell of a ride."
60 44% Ponyo (2008) - Jan 20, 2015
"While still a good film, it all feels very familiar. Ponyo, the character, is adorable and her interactions with Sosuke are great, but the overall plot doesn't live up to the imaginative flair that Miyazaki is known for. It is however a gorgeous film and has a really great message."
100 94% The Castle in the Sky (1986) - Jan 20, 2015
"A joyous adventure film right through to the end. In fact, it might be Miyazaki's most fun film. Taking cues from Indiana Jones, the film is packed with twist and turns to keep your attention (not to mention a fantastic synth score by Hishashi) and wonderful characters that you love or love to hate. While the story or characters themselves aren't that original, the amount of imagination put into everything elevates this simply beyond the typical adventure fare. Laputa is a sight to behold."
30 18% American Sniper (2014) - Jan 19, 2015
"The exploration of Chris Kyle is fairly superficial, and in cases heavy handed. But Cooper does a decent job of bringing Kyle to life. The film lacks tension even in situations that should be full of it thanks to Eastwood's listless direction and Hall's weak screenplay. "
50 33% The Theory of Everything (2014) - Jan 19, 2015
"Redmayne gives the performance of his career up to this point, but if only the screenplay lived up to his performance. The Theory of Everything is first, and foremost, a love story. But it's not a particularly well told on: things feel rushed, things feel unresolved. And though he is well-known, it would have been nice for the movie to explore his achievements more than just glossing over them."
60 44% Interstellar (2014) - Jan 15, 2015
"Another Nolan spectacle. Visually amazing with a muddled narrative and forced sentiment. For a movie that ventures on nearly 3 hours, you never become invested in the characters (most of which are plot devices) and that is the movies downfall. It relies on cheap tricks, over reliance on exposition by explanation, and trying to cover this up with visuals. But man, those visuals are amazing. With some tighter editing and certain subplots scraped, this could have been a great film."
60 44% Still Alice (2014) - Jan 15, 2015
"The whole movie rests upon Moore's performance, and as usual, she excels. She elevates what would be middle of the road with her performance. It is hard not to be touched by her story and her affliction, but not everything is given the love that it needs to make this a great film. Characters are underdeveloped and feel like plot devices at points. Still though, even with its problems, there is a good emotional connection to Alice and you feel for her. Again thanks to the amazing performance."
100 94% Spirited Away (2001) - Jan 15, 2015
"Coming off the heels of one of the best animated feature film ever, Miyazaki again brings his "A" game and gives us his second masterpiece. The magical world that he shows us is full of life and detail that is populated with many fantastical characters (No-Face, the clad in black spirit is one of Miyazaki's best). The heart of the movie though is watching Chihiro, the main character, grow up throughout the movie. It is an amazing coming of age story and one of the best films of any medium."
70 57% Omae Umasoudana (2010) - Jan 13, 2015
"A nice character driven kids film with adorably drawn and animated dinosaurs. The titular Umasou might be one of the cutest things in animation. Though the score leaves something to be desired (sometimes not really fitting with the scene at hand), the movie makes up for this with an enjoyable cast of characters and some pretty humorous moments."