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96 98% Play Play (2011) - Rated 01 Sep 2012
"In every sense, this film blew me away. From the thoroughly considered cinematography, that makes Tati look like an amateur, to the performances of the kids that make ... 'Kids' look like pseudo-realism. It's so unpleasant and so damned easy to relate to when these kids harass each other. Maybe there's a certain nordic feel about it that I can relate to. But the problems that come with mankind being a social animal, in a culturally divided 21st century, are well-characterized here. Impressive."
100 99% TT3D: Closer to the Edge TT3D: Closer to the Edge (2011) - Rated 30 Jul 2014
"TT3D Closer to the perfect documentary, it should be called. Oh my God, was I left in awe. No falsely constructed goods and bads. None of the generally lesser feats of the docs genre. Pure fascination, ecstasy and true suspension drive this film - just as the riders on their bikes. Each and every character portrait is perfect, even the smallest. The footages just relentless. You won't ever be bored. You will quiver, yell, cry, look away and ultimately stop breathing. As will some of the riders."
95 97% Waking Life Waking Life (2001) - Rated 07 Sep 2014
"This is the single most amazing, surprising, thought-provoking and astonishing film I have ever seen. I saw it 3-4 times in 10 days, every time understanding more and more. To be able to pass on in a fictive universe, philosophy this profound, is incredible. And that Linklater manages to do so, whilst actually making a somewhat narrative story, is even more incredible. I can't really describe, I can only say: WATCH this and then watch it again while you're high!"
90 92% The Adventures of Tintin The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Rated 30 Oct 2011
"Really strikes the same atmosphere as the cartoons that I saw as a kid. That, mixed with the very nice Indiana Jones-scenes, lots of great details and the sublime technical features that comes with a Jackson & Spielberg partnership, this is all in all a brilliant film from start to finish."
35 16% Jackass 3-D Jackass 3-D (2010) - Rated 01 Dec 2010
"To me, Jackass founded the YouTube-generation's lust for pain. We who strive to find that unknown, hilarious YouTube-video that we can share with friends. This film is a farewell and tribute to that. It's fun, impressive and absolutely disgusting (don't eat before you see it). But overwhelming stunts and groce stupidities are definitely not enough to justify the making of this film. Old Jackass-fans will love it. The rest will wonder why we didn't take a YouTube-night on the couch."
80 77% Of Gods and Men Of Gods and Men (2010) - Rated 19 Apr 2011
"Such a profound film. Its monologues AND dialogues reminded me of the profoundness of Stalker, and once I got used to that steady nature-seeking camera, I was convinced. A very mixed audience in the theatre seemed convinced too, as there was complete silence after the film. I loved that the nature of the monks' lives was so beautifully integrated in the storyline; if we saw them do the same thing twice, there was a reason. A great experience in many ways."
65 50% The Spy Who Came in from the Cold The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965) - Rated 08 Jan 2011
"Richard Burton and his cold war pals never got me fully convinced in this noir meets ooh-the-bloody-politicians-don't-care-about-me-so-i'll-start-drinking story where the backstabbings are piled on top of each other like broilers in factory farm cages."
15 3% Godzilla Godzilla (2014) - Rated 09 Oct 2014
"Easily the worst film I remember seeing in 2014. It's been like two weeks, and already I'm like: "Was Juliette Binoche really in this?!" And don't give me all this Bryan Cranston bullshit, he's nothing special, come on."
0% Sex and the City Sex and the City (2008) - Rated 06 Jun 2010