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Member Since: Jun 6, 2008

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Bio: I love math, computers, economics, hiking and movies.
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0% Moulin Rouge! (2001) - Jun 06, 2019
"In my life, I've never shut off a movie early before. I usually select my films more carefully, but I sought this out only knowing that I like Fatboy Slim's "Can Can." Maybe it gets better, but the first 15 minutes were an ugly bombardment. My eyes and ears didn't want any more."
70 54% Aladdin (2019) - Jun 04, 2019
"I was pretty worried during the first half. Every scene felt like a checklist; every actor was just trying to hit their mark. Then Smith arrived, and I almost forgot about analyzing things. I had fun and laughed."
54 32% Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - Apr 28, 2019
52 30% The Mummy (1999) - Mar 13, 2019
"Plenty of it is painfully dumb, but I also chuckled a few times, so I guess it was worth seeing once."
68 50% Wonder Woman (2017) - Mar 13, 2019
"There's nothing truly new here, but I'm amazed that—after all the movie explosions and fights I've yawned through—this movie put together an action scene that impressed me."
40 17% Man of Steel (2013) - Mar 13, 2019
"I liked leaving the room without pausing the DVD and thinking that I was missing a million dollars worth of special effects."
89 85% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Jan 15, 2019
"I am typically bored by superhero films, but I spent most of this movie smiling. The dialog and unique visual style are funny and captivating, and the story is good enough."
44 22% Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Jan 10, 2019
"I think I could have enjoyed this movie in an empty-headed sort of way, except that the trailer gave away all but two of the good jokes. Good effects, fine performances, no story or characters, I was bored."
47 26% Black Panther (2018) - Sep 08, 2018
"Serkis had the only character that didn't come straight from a shelf. But I guess colorful costumes are fun to look at?"
49 27% Jurassic World (2015) - Sep 04, 2018