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Movie Buff - 243 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 18, 2020

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Age: 40

Bio: www.albumoftheyear.org/user/barnowl/

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72 17% The Toy (1982) - Aug 10, 2022
"This movie manages to wrap racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, pedophilia and slavery jokes all into one made for early 80s family experience with Richard Pryor as the actual babysitter (and teacher). Oh, and you'll see images of both the Klan and the Rebel flag."
60 10% Some Kind of Hero (1982) - Aug 03, 2022
"Just an old Pryor movie. They're all worth watching at least once, I suppose."
18 3% Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - Jun 29, 2022
"Just not my cup of tea. There are reasons some serious people find this good, but Star Wars is just about the only Lucas I can stomach."
70 15% Stir Crazy (1980) - Jun 20, 2022
"Worth a watch to see Wilder and Pryor together - interesting also that it's directed by Potier."
2% Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004) - Jun 16, 2022
"Half as valuable as the first movie, which has a value of 0."
10 2% Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) - Jun 16, 2022
"The violence in this movie exists only for itself."
94 69% Death Proof (2007) - Jun 16, 2022
"The film is perfect in many ways, and remains so for at least the 1st half. Best shown to someone without them knowing what's in store."
52 7% Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) - Jun 13, 2022
"Much like Gene Roddenberry, Lucas had an amazing vision and an incredibly original Epic Space Opera on his hands that unfortunately waned as a franchise. TPM became unwatchable about 45 minutes in. This is similar to how the Wachowski sisters' Matrix franchise was for me."
90 55% The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - Jun 11, 2022
"There are some incredible scenes and some moments of great music in this bond, but it’s better watched in the background on loop, perhaps all day long or along with all other Bonds."
97 83% Come and See (1985) - May 30, 2022
"One of my highest rated foreign language films, Come and See is able to keep your attention throughout even if you don't speak the language. If you watch war films, you need to have seen this one."