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Location: Netherlands

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68 56% Green Book (2018) - Aug 20, 2022
"I liked the plot of the movie a lot, but the acting felt stale to me. It felt like they tried too hard to stay in their roles. I did like the fact that this was a true story and was pretty disgusted by the whole racism throughout the movie."
11% 90210 Shark Attack (2014) - Aug 07, 2022
"A group of hotties and a milf are in a huge mansion together for.. school? Long scenes of people doing nothing. Terrible editing and directing, trying to fill up time as long as possible. A bit later in the movie suddenly shark killings happen in the silliest way possible. Unfortunately it's funny once, but after that it's really lame. Borefest to the max. There's literally no point to this movie."
82 82% Anatomy of a Murder (1959) - Feb 17, 2022
"It took a while for me to get into it, but once the courtroom stuff happened, I was hooked and time flew by. The ending wasn't that good. Too rushed and weak."
8% The Chosen One (2010) - Feb 17, 2022
"Schneider quest, film 32: It's been a while since I watched a Schneider movie before this one. Unfortunately I had a massive nervous breakdown and all I could stammer was: PLEASE, NO MORE SCHNEIDER. NO MORE! After being admitted for all that time in a special Schneider ward, I realised I wasn't the only one suffering from his movies. There are a lot of people. A LOT. I think I'm stronger now to continue the quest. I will prevail"
12 15% Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot (2016) - Feb 17, 2022
62 50% Baby Driver (2017) - Nov 02, 2021
"Was a bit too over the top sometimes. Also thought it was a bit too forced and obvious of things moving to the beat, like walking, shooting and stuff happening in the background. Was cool at first but it got overused. I thought the dialogue between characters also was bit pretentious, which made the acting a bit questionable at times. Not a lot of character development, which made them a bit empty. Not sure exactly what to think of this movie."
75 70% Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021) - Oct 13, 2021
"Good doc and what a terrifying man."
80 79% Pray Away (2021) - Oct 07, 2021
"Pretty sad to watch. Can't imagine the guilt those people must feel. I can sort of understand why this is still continuing, since there's so much shame about being gay, but that shit should change. I hope that some day being gay is as accepted and normal as being straight or anything else."
70 60% Coded Bias (2020) - Oct 01, 2021
"Interesting, insightful and also a little bit scary. Wished there was a bit more courtroom footage, loved seeing Joy Buolamwini talk."
11% He's All That (2021) - Sep 17, 2021
"Was expecting a sort of early 00's romcom shitty but entertaining movie. Unfortunately it's, not surprising, a 2020's shitty teenage bullshitmovie that's focussed on shitty as social media. I was sad and shocked at how bad it was. Where was the Onlyfans part? At LEAST add that if you want to be accurate."