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Location: Netherlands

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68 55% Kedi (2016) - May 21, 2019
"Istanbul has cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats."
87 90% Citizenfour (2014) - May 21, 2019
"It's scary how big companies and organizations in America are above the law and can get away with anything, while one man, revealing what they've done, would get either prosecuted or killed. The amount of courage Snowden must've had to reveal this is beyond me."
80 79% Spotlight (2015) - May 19, 2019
"Good pacing and acting, crazy and horrific story. The fact that this really happened makes it even worse."
1% Foodfight (2012) - May 19, 2019
"On May the 15th, 2019, around 20:25, me and Barthalen have achieved the impossible. After dosing this movie out, 5 min per time, over 3-4 years, we finally did it. We couldn't have done it any other way, the pain during and after every 5 minutes was way too much. It was a good preparation for every Schneider movie that followed though, making it easier to deal with that shit. This movie replaces Blubberella with the worst movie I've ever seen. Fuck this movieeeeeeee."
47 42% Wuthering Heights (2011) - May 11, 2019
"Sure, the cinematography is beautiful, but the story is completely lacking here. I don't care about any of the characters, since there's barely character development. After every 2 minute scene, there's a pretentious shot of scenery and nature, disrupting the pace drastically. It just didn't work."
76 72% Before Midnight (2013) - May 11, 2019
"For me the weakest of the trilogy. The dialogues are a little better, but it made me feel a little uncomfortable. The hotel scene was a little upsetting to me."
80 79% Before Sunset (2004) - May 10, 2019
"The two lost lovers reunite again and continue where they've left off like nothing ever happened. You can really physically feel the connection between them, it's quite beautiful. They have both matured a lot in ways, but also have things that hasn't changed in those 9 years. Some pretentious conversations, just like in the first movie, but an enjoyable and a little sad watch too. I really liked the Waltz song, and the open ending was great too."
90 95% Manchester by the Sea (2016) - May 08, 2019
"A very touching, heavy and emotional movie with some outstanding acting. Was completely sucked into this and felt quite sad too."
45 41% High Life (2018) - May 05, 2019
"Starts off incredibly annoying with a baby screeching your ears off. Thought the first half of the movie was so slow and quite uneventful. It didn't do much for me at all. Gets a little more interesting after that point, but not enough to save this movie in my opinion. Has an interesting and very gory death scene though."
8% Aliens on Crack (2009) - May 02, 2019
"This is something alright, but not the right kind of something. Astonishingly bad editing and directing, which makes it fascinating to watch in a way. No idea what the movie was about. Would've been the worst movie I've ever seen, if it didn't have 'Al Pacino' as Ted Monte as Jizz, and ofcourse my favourite, Paul Logan. Logan just about saves this movie from being a totally unwatchable smelling turd on crack."