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Location: Netherlands

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28 29% Stolen (2012) - Jun 30, 2020
"Extremely mediocre that even our legendary Cage can't save."
70 60% Color Out of Space (2019) - Jun 19, 2020
"I'll be honest, I didn't have much hope for it to become something worthwhile because of the tedious and slow start of the movie with some very mediocre acting. After the first hour though it starts getting more interesting and ends with an energetic and heavy finale. That really blew me away and thought it was great. Cage is Cage."
32 33% Deadly Dance Mum (2017) - Jun 11, 2020
"The title lied to me! How could it do this to me!? I'm so disappointed and I'm absolutely FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
50 43% Blood Machines (2019) - Jun 11, 2020
"Quite a long introduction for an album cover"
8% Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - May 30, 2020
"Gotta barf fast"
80 79% Mutant Blast (2018) - May 20, 2020
"The start of the movie reminded me of an Assylum movie (sorry), but after 5 minutes of saying that, the movie completely turns around and explodes into fantastic awesomeness and is a complete blast. Absolutely crazy and hilarious movie, absolutely perfect for me (and Barthalen)."
68 56% Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) - May 20, 2020
"Almost every scene dracula is in is gold and very creepy (the first scene and the bed scene, goddamn). Other than that the movie drags (dracs) quite a bit and is quite slow and the music is sometimes very inappropriate too. And does Delft now have a rat problem because of this movie?"
75 70% A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) - May 20, 2020
"Somehow I imaged this to be a romantic comedy involving a red car. Don't ask why, because I don't know. You can imagine how surprised I was what happened in this movie, and that ending really tore me apart. The characters are a bit strange though, as is the dialogue."
50 43% Dancin' It's On! (2015) - May 20, 2020
"I actually enjoyed this awful movie and could easily watch it again. It has the most annoying people and shtitiest dancing. Every single person dances in this and are annoying. Especially the doorman, holy god do I love him."
20 23% Creature in the Woods (2017) - May 20, 2020
"The voices are dubbed, added sound effects, really bad acting, semi good ending. Love the end theme song though, it's awfulgreat."