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54 44% Roboshark (2015) - Jul 18, 2019
"The first half of Roboshark starts off as literal shit. After emptying it's bowels with the diarrhea, and feeling better after its extraction, it becomes something truly glorious. Second half is beautiful, fun and hilariously stupid. I enjoyed it a lot and I actually dare to say I want to rewatch this. I was not hacked to say this statement."
45 41% Eden Lake (2008) - Jun 30, 2019
"Screaming, running, stupid writing, shitty ending. Bad movie."
68 55% November (2017) - Jun 24, 2019
"Sometimes hard to follow, which made me confused whether I liked it or not. I found some parts good, other not that much. It has some pretty cinematography though."
89 93% Of Fathers and Sons (2017) - Jun 23, 2019
"Difficult to watch, difficult to rate. Finally you see a glimpse of ' the other side' and it's not pretty. Hard to see the how the kids develop, losing empathy towards animals and people. You see that during the bird bit and when you see the oldest son bullying other kids. I'm glad the director showed the scene where you see the father cuddling with his kids, it gives the movie more depth and less of a portrayal of pure evil."
72 64% Stevie (2002) - Jun 20, 2019
"Interesting, tragic and frustrating. Very hard to understand Stevie, and trying to see through his flaws is hard. But I couldn't help to feel some sort of sympathy towards him, when he showed his emotional side that he tried so hard to suppress. It wasn't enough however to excuse him for the horrific thing he'd done."
88 92% Call Me by Your Name (2017) - Jun 13, 2019
"Beautifully tragic. There's so much to love about this movie; the beautiful shots, the subtle hints between Elio and Oliver, the fantastic acting, the time Elio and Oliver spent together. There are so many things that are so very sad too; the goodbye, the shame Elio felt, the conversation between Elio and his father (which is for me the also most powerful scene in the movie) and that ending just ripped me apart. A really good movie."
81 81% Tickled (2016) - Jun 13, 2019
"Strange and pretty crazy. Fucked up too. Feel bad for the victims, and I wish I knew more about D'Amato. I wonder why the people didn't go to the police more often. "
48 42% Sharkenstein (2016) - Jun 07, 2019
"So close to being a great movie. Has such a shitty looking shark and other CGI, it's fantastic. Great deaths too. Shame the acting was bland, and the pacing was a bit off. Enjoyable, but not amazing unfortunately."
62 50% Arctic (2019) - Jun 07, 2019
"Pretty bleak survival movie with some good moments. Certainly not the best, and the ending was disappointing too. Mikkelsen was good though."
13 16% Wild Cherry (2009) - Jun 04, 2019
"Schneider quest, film 29: Insulting to everyone, the actors, the watchers. We're all nothing but losers, victims. Except for Schneider, making his performance seem pretty good, by being overshadowed by the embarrassingly bad Sandler movies he's starred in over the years. I wish Schneider was my dad too. HOLD ON, what did I just say!? WHAT IS SCHNEIDER QUEST DOING TO ME AAAAAAA."