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Bio: I have been collecting film for about 12 years now and have amassed quite a collection. I love finding new hidden gems, and can say that I more curious about some of the psychology of a film than the actual content. Unfortunately, this lifestyle has left me to be a little misunderstood, but like all great minds being misunderstood comes with the territory. I love film and love directors. Don\'t care too much for actors and I think black and white movies are the best. My whole belief that color takes away the context of a film. Cyberpunk is one of my guilty pleasures splash in some gore and surrealism with a dash of some very well received popular movies. That is my collection in a nutshell.

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90 74% Rambo (2008) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"Sly came back and for someone pushing 60 looks ripped. He reprises his roll as John Rambo in Burma helping out a bunch of do gooders. Oh and by the way one of them is the priest from the Sopranos I thought that was an interesting little nugget. The action is stacked high and the odds are always against him like usual.. Still he manages to save the day and create a path of destruction in his wake. Be prepared he is already working on another one."
75 31% A Fish Called Wanda (1988) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"An interesting comedy with a bit of the Monty Python crew giving us some reminiscence of the old days. Kevin Kline is great and the story is funny. The plot is good and the twists and turns leave you guessing about what is next. Now not the greatest heist comedy movie, but certainly worth gander."
65 14% Bad Boys (1995) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"This movie has action, funny dialogue, a good plot, but in the end it is just another run of the mill cops and robbers movie. Sure it may be funnier than most it still lacked any originality. One of Will Smith's breakthrough performances that led him to be taken as a action star seriously and look at him now, one of the A-list actors in Hollywood. Sorry Martin Lawrence you should have stuck with your TV show."
90 74% V for Vendetta (2006) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"A great comic book flick. Action, witty dialogue which I do admit is kind of goofy, but the special effects and plot more than make up for it. It is fun to watch, interesting, and has all the characteristics of what the world could be like in the future. It truly stands alone as a rough comic book movie, not letting up on the violence and language."
85 55% GoldenEye (1995) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"One of the better James Bond movies. Pierce Brosnan carried the role well and almost better than many of his predecessors (especially Timothy Dalton.) Sean Bean an excellent actor in my opinion is excellent and the rest of the cast bring style wit that is required of any 007 movie."
95 90% Mystic River (2003) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"Clint Eastwood again comes through with another epic tale of tragedy in a small community. The acting is strong and the tension in the movie leaves you on the edge of the seat. This was by all means a work of art. The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer is very similar if not almost a companion piece to this movie and should be watched after or before. This movie definitely made everyone take notice of Clint's ability to direct."
85 55% The Matrix (1999) - Rated 17 Aug 2009
"A good action packed sci fi thriller. Of course Keanu Reeves is not the best actor and the more limited the script for him the better. The action and the stylization of the movie more than make up for it. The supporting cast help as well. This movie was originally going to have Will Smith as Neo and you can't help but wonder what it would be like with a talented lead."
80 41% EdTV (1999) - Rated 13 Jul 2009
"An interesting movie, coming out just before reality tv shows became a big hit and is now standard on just about every tv station. Woody Harrelson as always an underrated actor plays a pivotal role in this movie as Ed's brother. The movie is hilarious, but at some points sad, and even further can be downright dull. I would see it again to catch parts I missed it is one of those films. By no means would I go spend money to own it."
70 21% Look Who's Talking Too (1990) - Rated 13 Jul 2009
"Cool idea for a movie even though this a sequel. We have our comedic elements and it has its moments where you find yourself chuckling. It is really one of the first american films that tries to give parents an idea of what it going on in a childs head. Irregardless it is silly, and not a necessity for a collector. The kiddies will enjoy it and parents can relate, Roseanne and Bruce Willis do a great job with the voices. All in all don't need to rush out and rent this one."
95 90% Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Rated 13 Jul 2009
"Peter o Toole shines in this epic movie. For a movie to be as long as it is, it truly holds you captivated and is certainly a must see classic. The cinematagrophy is brilliant the plot and dialogue were well thought out and acted. You get to see Peter's talents as an excellent actor and begin to realize that this man can do just about anything. Some action, drama, slow at times, but for the most part exhilirating."