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60 T4 You Me Her (2016) - Apr 22, 2017
"Thinks of itself as edgy but maybe it would seem that way to your grandparents. Right from the beginning it's the same tired "We're middle aged and think we're worthless because we don't have children" vibe and kind of pathetic. Then the interactions and attractions make no sense and the 'why?' is never explored. "
88 T10 Get Out (2017) - Apr 22, 2017
"So much hype that I wanted to dislike it but couldn't. Fantastic in most every way"
86 T9 All the President's Men (1976) - Apr 17, 2017
52 T4 A Fistful of Dollars (1964) - Apr 17, 2017
"Great score and acting by Eastwood. The rest is fairly mediocre. I couldn't even get a handle on the point of the film for quite awhile"
78 T8 Blazing Saddles (1974) - Apr 07, 2017
"A lot of the slapstick humor hasn't aged well but there's still a lot of subtle humor that passes well for the 21st century"
50 T3 Disconnect (2013) - Mar 26, 2017
"Kind of a cliche film that doesn't have a lot of content yet stretches it out and caps it off with a ridiculous ending that thinks it's more poignant than it actually is"
51 T4 Black Rain (1989) - Mar 08, 2017
"Cliche '80s film all around but it tries its best. Visuals and feel of the location are great when there isn't any cliche '80s steam filling the screen. A decent watch if it's on tv on a boring Sunday afternoon but I wouldn't go further than that"
61 T5 Girls (2012) - Feb 27, 2017
"Can be a great exploratory show and can also be a vapid pile of garbage depending on which episode you happen to be watching. I keep watching because the show attempts to push the envelope, and I'm a fan of any show which does so, but a lot of the time it's done quite poorly, especially in later episodes"
50 T3 Another Day in Paradise (1998) - Feb 27, 2017