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Member Since: Jul 16, 2006

Location: Australia

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1% The Face with Two Left Feet (1979) - Jun 06, 2020
69 52% The Jungle Book (2016) - Jun 06, 2020
60 38% Down by Law (1986) - Jun 06, 2020
"I found this to be very boring until Roberto Benigni pops into prison and livens everything up. Up until that point it's bad, repetitive tough guy dialog taken straight out of Streets of Fire outtakes"
48 23% Chisum (1970) - Jun 06, 2020
"A movie made in 1970 that feels like it was made in like 1957. The end boss fight is between two old guys. Just.. who cares?"
50 26% Anger Management (2003) - Jun 06, 2020
55 32% Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020) - Jun 06, 2020
"Kind of a pointless film, much too scattered. There's a difference between trying to make a quirky film and being so annoying that you are still introducing flashback sequences in THE THIRD ACT trying to introduce pivotal characters"
40 17% Nemesis (1993) - Jun 06, 2020
"Absolutely horrendous film (why would you pick a guy with that accent to be the lead in your film with a bunch of one-liners?) but it's fun, and that's all I care about when the film is this bad"
62 42% Big Time Adolescence (2019) - Jun 06, 2020
"Normally I can't stand Pete "Give Me 64 Chances In Showbusiness and I'll Blow It Every time!" Davidson but he was good in this, possibly because he IS that character"
24 7% Death Spa (1988) - Jun 06, 2020