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Celluloid Junkie - 2792 Film Ratings

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20 14% The Terminal List (2022) - Nov 26, 2022
"Feels like a Punisher season gone wrong in every way possible. Hard pass."
15 9% The Peripheral (2022) - Nov 26, 2022
"This is gonna suck balls more and more as the season unfolds, it will become unbearable before it's over. calling it now."
10 6% Strange World (2022) - Nov 25, 2022
"TOUCH BASE ON ALL WOKE QUADRANTS: A biracial family with an openly gay teen son and a handicapped pet (missing a limb) get on a ship (that runs on green veggies) with the Asian woman president and a black flaming gay crew member to fix their existential problems. That's what the title refers to in case your kid doesn't get the reference. (And the message is: [SPOILER] What you think may be the problem could actually be your savior. GTFO CHAPEK!) TL;DR: https://i.redd.it/ksfvfjau10391.jpg"
20 14% Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) - Nov 16, 2022
"Only downhill from here."
15 9% The Book of Boba Fett (2021) - Nov 04, 2022
"Boba Fett? More like Bob Feta Cheese!!!"
26 20% Amsterdam (2022) - Oct 10, 2022
"please stop casting Denzel Jr. in movies who acts like he is in a calvin fking kline commercial regardless of his role."
35 27% See How They Run (2022) - Oct 09, 2022
"Immediately forgettable."
25 18% Bones and All (2022) - Oct 04, 2022
"A movie with no meat, just bones."
30 22% Vengeance (2022) - Sep 30, 2022
"B.J. Novak's love letter to himself I guess. Bless your heart, son."
25 18% Blonde (2022) - Sep 30, 2022
"torture porn."