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50 42% X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) - Rated 18 May 2016
"Same story arc over and over, Professor trying to convince Magneto that he actually has a good heart... booo-riiiiiiing. The only good that comes out of this movie is Michael Jackson's surprise cameo as Nightcrawler."
80 83% JCVD JCVD (2008) - Rated 01 Jan 2011
"The only way you can enjoy this film is to have watched at least half of Van Damme's filmography. And I mean, who hasn't? So, yes, this is the pay off we have earned."
35 27% Allied Allied (2016) - Rated 22 Nov 2016
"Casablanca 2: Play it again, Sam. ....uhm, but, like, can you?"
65 60% Avatar Avatar (2009) - Rated 19 Nov 2010
"I watched this film couple of decades ago, it was called "dances with wolves" then."
94 97% Irreversible Irreversible (2002) - Rated 01 Jun 2011
"brutally raw. aesthetically violent. shockingly disturbing. breathtaking performances. excellent soundtrack. impeccable editing. masterful direction. an unforgettable experience. god, how i wish i hadn't watched it at all."
50 42% Swiss Army Man Swiss Army Man (2016) - Rated 21 Jan 2017
"Fight Club for the LGBT community and the iPhone generation."
25 19% Annihilation Annihilation (2018) - Rated 25 Feb 2018
"Annihilation is merely a "Shimmer," a prism that presents only "refracted" and "mutated" images and ideas from sci-fi classics."
100 99% The Grand Budapest Hotel The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Rated 09 Feb 2014
"Sublime, cinematic excellence, the way Charlie Chaplin, as a director, would make a movie in the 21st century. A pure joy to watch, I will watch this over and over and over again!"
95 98% Her Her (2013) - Rated 13 Feb 2014
"Blade Runner meets Eternal Sunshine and becomes 2001: A Love Odyssey. Beautiful."