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Celluloid Junkie - 4551 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 19, 2011

Location: Baltimore, MD , USA

Bio: Lifelong movie lover!
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86 26% The Nanny Diaries (2007) - Apr 08, 2021
"Though predictable and silly, this is still a fun and entertaining romantic comedy/family movie. Scarlett Johannsen carries the movie single-handedly. "
82 8% Guns of Diablo (1964) - Apr 08, 2021
"Nothing great here but entertaining enough. Also, it's interesting to see a young Charles Bronson and very young Kurt Russell. Light Western based on the short-lived TV series, The Travels of Jamie McPheeters. "
96 91% Twelve O'Clock High (1949) - Apr 08, 2021
"I've been trying to see this one for about 10 years. Outstanding WWII movie starring the legend Gregory Peck, and he really shows his stuff here. "
92 65% All Good Things (2010) - Apr 08, 2021
"The pacing and editing of this movies is strange, but I liked the casting, acting and plot. Good crime thriller just a little different in presentation. "
72 1% The Craft: Legacy (2020) - Apr 01, 2021
"Disappointed in this one. A totally unnecessary reboot of "The Craft". "
94 74% Kid 90 (2021) - Apr 01, 2021
"Excellent documentary about child stars, particularly Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster). "
86 26% Bad Trip (2020) - Apr 01, 2021
"Totally outrageous but not as funny as I expected. Borat is the go-to for this kind of movie. "
92 65% Secret in Their Eyes (2015) - Apr 01, 2021
"An American remake. I still need to see the original and I'd go out on a limb saying it's superior, but this is a good crime thriller. Not to mention super acting talents. "
88 38% The Last Blockbuster (2020) - Apr 01, 2021
"I found my people! Fun documentary for true videophiles. "
82 8% Cell (2016) - Apr 01, 2021
"Not sure why this was so bashed by critics. It's an adaptation of a Stephen King novel and is a decent sci-fi action/drama. It's not great by any means but is totally watchable. Not to mention it features the talent of John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson. "