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Member Since: May 19, 2011

Location: Baltimore, MD , USA

Bio: Lifelong movie lover!

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90 52% Backlash (1947) - Jan 25, 2023
"A solid film noir, I really enjoyed."
88 37% Phantom (2013) - Jan 25, 2023
"Since I find and watch most sub movies, this one was no exception. Though lacking in budget, this was an intense and compelling action/thriller."
90 52% The Parts You Lose (2019) - Jan 25, 2023
"Nice little gem of a movie."
90 52% All the Old Knives (2022) - Jan 25, 2023
"Good spy thriller with a couple of twists and talented ensemble cast."
88 37% Wakefield (2016) - Jan 25, 2023
"If you want something different, here it is. A man walks away from his family, but keeps an eye on them from the attic above his garage."
94 74% Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) - Jan 25, 2023
"So sorry it took me over a decade to get to this one. Really funny and entertaining horror/comedy. The only thing on this level I can compare to is the Scary Movie franchise."
82 8% Regression (2015) - Jan 25, 2023
"Pretty gloomy and dismal subject matter and movie. Decent performances, but something is really missing here. I can't really recommend spending time on this."
86 24% Popcorn (1991) - Jan 25, 2023
""Corn"y horror, but it was still fun. It was nice to see homage paid to horror movie gimmicks of the 1950s/60s."
92 65% The Juggler (1953) - Jan 17, 2023
"Extra points for a very unusual plot and compelling throughout."
92 65% Fade to Black (1980) - Jan 17, 2023
"Though not the best horror movie, I loved all of the movie references. A killer (with a lifelong obsession with movies) utilizes movie characters/costumes to enact revenge on those who wronged him."