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Celluloid Junkie - 3809 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 19, 2011

Location: Baltimore, MD , USA

Bio: Lifelong movie lover!
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88 40% The Coca-Cola Kid (1985) - Apr 16, 2019
"Original and quirky and all the time engaging. "
88 40% Inferno (2016) - Apr 16, 2019
"As a fan of the Robert Langdon series (symbologist from Dan Brown novels), this was a must-see for me. Critics bashed it, but I enjoyed it. A simpler plot but plenty of action. "
90 55% American Fable (2016) - Apr 16, 2019
"Interesting movie combining compelling and realistic drama with a young girl's imagination. Also focuses on the plight of the American farmer. "
88 40% When You're in Love (1937) - Apr 16, 2019
"Still finding Cary Grant movies! This was a fun romantic comedy. If you like opera-style singing, there is plenty of that to be heard as well. "
78 4% The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951) - Apr 16, 2019
"This movie wasn't much. You get about 10 seconds of a Hyde character. It had the look and the music, but weak plot and not enough action. "
95 84% The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936) - Apr 16, 2019
"Another great one with William Powell. This time teamed up with Jean Arthur and her comic timing is also excellent. Powell can really deliver a line. Good fun!"
86 28% Death Wish 3 (1985) - Apr 16, 2019
"This one almost becomes comical, but I will give it one claim to fame as one of the highest body count action movies I've ever seen. It even beats John Wick (first one). "
88 40% Tribes (1970) - Apr 16, 2019
"I mainly wanted to see this for Darren McGavin, to see how he did playing a Drill Sargeant and he was great. Can add to the list of great movie drill sergeant played by Louis Gossett Jr and R. Lee Ermey. "
88 40% Knuckleball (2018) - Apr 09, 2019
"Think Home Alone if it was a thriller/horror and the movie pulled it off! "
92 66% The Terminal Man (1974) - Apr 09, 2019
"I can see where The Terminator and Silence of the Lambs took from this movie! Though slow paced, it had a very sleek look and was compelling throughout. I didn't take my eyes off the screen. Excellent 1970s sci-fi!"