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75 T9 War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) - Jul 24, 2017
"Excellent, and a fitting end to the trilogy. I loved that they often took the time to take things slowly, and the action scenes were great, too. Serkis has proved once again how talented he is - his work combined with the incredible animation is just astounding. Harrelson was really good, too, and I really liked how they dealt with his character. I also have to give a shout out to Steve Zahn’s character - he was funny, and in a natural way, despite kinda being comic relief."
35 T2 Sing (2016) - Jul 24, 2017
"I kinda hated this. A very calculated lowest common denominator movie: talking animals + pop songs = box office gold. It has the very thinnest of plots, which it throws out the window about halfway through. I didn’t find any heart or emotion in it, and it wasn’t funny either. I didn’t find any of the characters endearing - they were just tired stereotypes. Matthew McConaughey’s main character was just an unlikable dick. Yeah, just gross and basic and I hate Hollywood sometimes."
45 T2 Hannibal Rising (2007) - Jul 21, 2017
"It wasn’t very good. Dead boring. But then again, so was the novel. As with a lot of horror icons, Hannibal Lecter is much scarier when he isn’t explained. It’s directed clumsily, and the dialogue pretty trite. The Anthony Hopkins ones are the only Hannibal films worth watching."
75 T9 Baby Driver (2017) - Jul 20, 2017
"Wright’s direction was great. The cast is really good, besides Foxx, but I just don’t like him as an actor, period. Elgort was excellent, and I really enjoyed Hamm’s performance, too. There were some cool twists in terms of the characters, actually. The one weak link is James’ character, though. She’s simply the lead’s object of desire, which was a little disappointing. Awesome action scenes, very cool soundtrack and some funny moments, though not nearly as many as I would’ve liked"
75 T9 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Jul 09, 2017
"Not the best that Marvel has done, but it’s well-made, and entertaining, and I had a good time watching it. Tom Holland is a great casting choice, he’s very likable and fun. Downey’s reliably solid, and Keaton’s cool, even if his villain character doesn’t work the entire time. Not every bit of humour worked, but in general, it was a funny script. Good action scenes, and it still managed to find angles on the character we haven’t seen before."
65 T6 Okja (2017) - Jul 09, 2017
"Much like Snowpiercer, this was cool and ambitious, but not entirely successful. It changes genres a few times, and not all of the pieces work. The messages and themes are nice and very clear. There was plenty of emotion there, but for some reason, I didn’t feel all that affected by it. Perhaps it was the CGI creature. Swinton’s good, of course, and Gyllenhaal is… Interesting. His character didn’t end up going anywhere though. Not bad, and I admire the attempt, but a little messy overall"
55 T4 Inferno (2016) - Jul 05, 2017
"I liked The Da Vinci Code (2006), and, to a lesser extent, Angels & Demons (2009), but the whole thing is getting kinda tired now. Ron Howard does a fine job directing, but the script is simply convoluted and boring. The dialogue was often pretty bad, not sounding like a normal human being at all. Tom Hanks is okay, but his character is so thin. I didn’t think Felicity Jones was very good. I still want them to do The Lost Symbol, but only because I like things to be complete."
45 T2 Table 19 (2016) - Jul 02, 2017
"This was an incompetent mess of a film. The basic concept is fine, but the execution was so off. It was so meandering, with barely any structure. It’s a shame, because I think it could’ve worked. It’s got a good cast & I can imagine the sort of movie it could’ve been if the screenplay & direction weren’t so lacking. It wasn’t very funny, apart from the natural presence of certain actors. And the acoustic score that pervaded pretty much the entirety of the film was insufferable."
60 T5 Shallow Grave (1994) - Jun 28, 2017
"This was a decent little ‘90s indie movie. Definitely reminded me of things like Reservoir Dogs (1992) and Hard Eight (1996). There were some cool directorial moments, and I enjoyed the performances from Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccleston. I don’t know if I’d recommend it especially, but I liked it."
60 T5 Snowden (2016) - Jun 27, 2017
"It’s a good film, but not a great one. It’s shot well, and there are good performances all around. Especially from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who does an excellent job at portraying the titular real life person. I thought I was seeing the real guy a few times. However, it was a little bit bland at times, and easily too long. I’d probably just recommend watching Citizenfour (2014) instead - the real thing is more electric."