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50 25% Fighting with My Family (2019) - May 21, 2019
"As a sports movie where you watch an underdog rise up through the ranks and ultimately triumph, it’s fine, I guess. We’ve seen it, but it’s fine. But since it’s wrestling, I found it hard to like. I really don’t like wrestling, and knowing that it was officially sanctioned by the WWE, who are garbage people that rip off their employees, just made it all the more unlikable. I didn’t hate it, and it was okay for light entertainment, but the subject matter just wasn’t for me."
50 25% The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) - May 20, 2019
"I basically wanted to watch this because of the director’s highly entertaining previous film, Attack the Block (2011). But this one wasn’t nearly as fresh or fun. It’s okay as a movie for kids, I guess, but I don’t think too many kids these days would be all that interested - and this was clearly reflected at the box office. It had a couple of decent scenes, and a couple of funny moments, but overall, it was a bit too long and too conventional."
55 34% Happy Death Day 2U (2019) - May 17, 2019
"A bit disappointing. I definitely missed the horror elements. It wasn’t very funny and I was kind of annoyed that they explained why the events of the first movie happened. A lot of it was surprisingly slow, actually - I was on the verge of bored for a significant chunk, just waiting for the climax, which was ultimately anti-climactic. There were a couple of really entertaining scenes, and Rothe’s good again. Not an awful sequel, but they definitely shouldn’t do another one. "
60 43% Kids (1995) - May 10, 2019
"It was definitely captivating and affecting, which I’m sure was the intention, so that’s good. It’s also seemingly deliberately very nihilistic and pointless, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but makes you question the validity of the art. Maybe I’ve just seen too many other films like this, so it didn’t really blow me away. Still, it was an interesting watch, and it was cool to see the beginnings of the careers of Korine, Sevigny, and Dawson. "
60 43% Pet Sematary (1989) - May 07, 2019
"I much preferred the book. I will say that the third act of this movie is pretty awesome - it’s intense, it’s scary, it’s creative. But the first two acts didn’t really work for me. I thought the performances were pretty poor overall. Not good enough for the material, anyway. I hated the use of the Victor Pascow character. So, yeah, perhaps inevitably, disappointing. Definitely not a total loss with the very solid climax, but doesn’t match up to the source material."
75 81% Searching (2018) - May 05, 2019
"The idea seemed extremely gimmicky, but it’s so well done. The filmmakers clearly thought a lot about it and made a movie that fully embraces its premise while being just as tense and compelling as any traditional thriller out there. The mystery isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it’s good and it’s well-told and it’s just a really fun journey going through it. There’s also genuine emotion as well as very keen observations about our current online world. I had a really good time with it"
65 54% Shoplifters (2018) - May 02, 2019
"I heard a lot of buzz about this film around Oscar season, and after learning that it’s from the director of Nobody Knows (2004), I film I really loved, I knew I had to check it out. It’s quite similar to that film, too. I liked it. It’s very understated and slow, but that all allows you to really live with these characters and experience their lives. I wouldn’t say I got completely enraptured in it, but it was beautifully made and very human."
55 34% Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) - May 01, 2019
"It was good to see some pre-Halloween (1978) John Carpenter, but I didn’t get super into this. I definitely dug the ‘70s vibe, with everything feeling very raw and dangerous. It reminded me of The Warriors (1979). There were a couple of good moments, but also a lot of build-up for not much action. It was good for what was clearly a pretty low-budget movie, but yeah, Carpenter certainly improved. His music was cool though."
85 95% Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Apr 26, 2019
"I might’ve had a little better time with Infinity War, but this was a pretty satisfying ending to this phase of the Marvel movies. Much more than in Infinity War, a lot of characters were short-changed, but overall, they did a great job with balancing them all and giving them payoffs. It wasn’t as emotional as I thought it might be, but emotions were definitely had. Lots of good character stuff, some good action stuff, and some really nice deep cuts from the MCU up until this point."
65 54% Aquaman (2018) - Apr 24, 2019
"I actually had a good time with this. It’s incredibly silly, but it commits so fully to that ridiculousness, that you can just go along for the ride. It really helps that James Wan is an excellent director. Cool action scenes and mostly good visual effects. The plot is hugely convoluted. There’s a whole lot of mythology and other exposition and it’s all a bit much at points. So, yeah, while I wouldn’t necessarily call it a good movie, I did like it."