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87 66% X-Men '97 (2024) - Rated 16 May 2024
"Based on just the first 9 eps: wow. I was reluctant to watch a choldhood-sentiment series because that's often when I find out the cartoon is still aimed at kids, while I've grown old(er). X-Men '97 however just picks up where it left off 27 years ago, except with a maturity level aimed at the 40somethings who watched it originally. So much happens, characters even die. My only gripe is the pacing! It's like they're trying to cram 27 years worth of stories into just 1 season."
83 51% Foundation (2021) - Rated 09 Jan 2024
"S1: very loosely based on the novels, solid high-concept sci-fi series with great acting and great settings. S2: completely divorced from the novels, space opera with fantasy elements that irk me. Still great acting/scenery/sfx, but pushes my suspension of disbelief just a little too far. Derails a bit towards the end, but enjoyed the rest greatly."
83 51% How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Rated 14 Dec 2023
"What the story lacks in surprising twists, it more than makes up for in charming action and cool soaring visuals."
69 18% Jabberwocky (1977) - Rated 14 Dec 2023
"Hard to recommend, other than for the curiosity of being an early, quirky (of course) Terry Gilliam movie. Suffers from setting up either story, jokes or action scenes perfectly fine, but then just going through the (slow) motions of making them land. Lacks punchiness. Got a few mild chuckles from me though."
75 27% Heavy Traffic (1973) - Rated 13 Dec 2023
"Absolutely interesting use of experimental animation styles in this meandering story, but mainly expresses an overly negative view of humans. Especially in the beginning there's a lot of senseless violence, and there's general horniness throughout."
93 87% Mob Psycho 100 (2016) - Rated 18 Nov 2023
"Parodies mocking their own genre while being amazing examples of it, seem to work well. Like One Punch Man, it deconstructs tropes, while still pushing the buttons that make the genre work. In this case, 'Mob' is the shonen character that's overpowered and kicking ass, but he actively rejects being appreciated for his superpowers, wanting to have a normal character arc instead. Even the swindler taking advantage of Mob's naivety is constantly being super wholesome. Everything is wholesome. I"
95 93% Girls und Panzer (2012) - Rated 18 Nov 2023
"High school girls, battling each other in circa WW2-era tanks, as a competitive sport in an alternative history setting, and it's the most a-political and wholesome thing ever??"
60 13% Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) - Rated 11 Nov 2023
"Besson: "I want to start my film with a montage sequence showing the history of diplomacy in space, from US-Soviet to interstellar relations, set to Bowie." Investor guy: "Amazing!" Besson: "Then I want to dazzle audiences with creative and colourful CGI vistas." Investor guy: "Wow wow WOW!" Besson: "And then I want the 2 least charismatic lead characters that I can find." Investor guy: "Wait, ..what?" Besson: "They'll be scowling constantly, and nobody will like them." Investor guy: "Ehh...""
67 17% That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) - Rated 05 Nov 2023
"It starts as a really pretty stoner watch with an interesting spin on the 'Person gets stuck in game'-premise, which is shockingly common in anime. The twist is that the main character starts as a slime with limited capabilities. But soon the slime absorbs so many capabilities, and the main character becomes so over-powered, that the show becomes devoid of tension. Baddie of the week gets defeated the same episode, or 1 episode later at best. Truly a waste of potential."
69 18% Willow (2022) - Rated 23 Oct 2023
"Utterly puzzling show: so much potential (e.g. cool world building, many of the original actors signing up), and it gets so aggresively fumbled by the showrunners. There's this feeling of 'Going on an adventure!' where you don't know where it's going to go, and that's super cool. Add in the cool visuals for a nice stoner watch (it gets a lot better after ep 1). Then they slap you in the face with useless teen drama, and the cringiest dialogue and acting ever seen in this genre's budget segment."