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Movie Buff - 424 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 2, 2013

Location: Italy

Bio: I am an architect/visualizer and musician.
I live in Italy.
I love architecture, music, chocolate, art, 3d modeling, Asimov, guitars and pedals.
I hate video-art, which to me is just a way of wasting time watching a selfish masturbation of the author. Exceptions may accour.

If you like post-rock, dream pop, alternative (bla bla bla) you may like my musical project I Am Invisible! Check it on the usual streaming platforms! ;-)
Instagram here:

Previously I played in band called A New Silent Corporation. Post rock, ambient...

Have a nice day, and be kind and respectful.
more Recent Ratings
92 91% BoJack Horseman (2014) - Nov 12, 2019
"Simply the best adult cartoon ever made."
70 18% Mission to Mars (2000) - Nov 12, 2019
"Not the best sci-fi movie, but good enough to be worth a look. SPOILER: This movie could still be a better-than-ever movie. It simply needs to have a new editing. Love story scenes? Trash. Reveal of Cydonia face just after the major incident? NO, keep it for LATER, damn! Rising the flag as the first thing to do?! WTF. Just to say a few... "
90 84% Penny Dreadful (2014) - Oct 30, 2019
"Masterpiece, hands down. One of the best series ever. Take your time and dare to enter the dark world of XIX literature terrors. You will not regret this. Amazing."
72 25% Raising Dion (2019) - Oct 24, 2019
"It's an ok serie, but they tryied so hard to be inclusive and polite that, somehow, something went wrong. The lonely mother, a racist teacher, a troubled bully child with problems at home, a gay couple struggling to the relationship, a friendzoned nerd, a child in the wheelchair. Yes, I told you, there is everything in here. It's OK anyway, I enjoyed it definitely more than a bit. It just fall into a mess sometimes. The scenes of dancing are long and useless. I had to say that, I hated them. "
74 29% Cargo (2018) - Jun 20, 2019
"It could have been a 90/100. But no. The entire plot revolves around a dumb mistake of one character. Cliché. The rest of the movie is fine. There are the right tension and suspance. Good movie."
75 34% I Am Mother (2019) - Jun 20, 2019
80 51% X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) - Jun 15, 2019
"Good CGI, fair plot, fantastic action scenes. Really. Probably the most entertaining Xmen fighting scenes ever. The story itself is a bit weak, but I actually enjoyed this movie. I will surely watch it again. I feel a bit meh about Sophie Turner acting this time. To be completely honest, Xavier and Magneto are not well developed here. But, again, I liked this movie. It’s a yes! "
70 18% Unicorn Store (2017) - Apr 30, 2019
"70 is a low rate that I give to movies that I am probably going to watch again, but that they actually didn't impressed me. Unicorn store is an elegant movie. I loved the acting and the photography. Well, in the end I can't but think "what's the point?" Was all in her head? Was really there an unicorn waiting for her? I don't know. What's the ultimate message? If the main character were a 14 yo it would be better. That's not the story tho, I know. So... IDK. Seriously, what's happening here? :-O"
91 89% Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Apr 26, 2019
"There is almost everything you would ever wanted to see. And this is enough. Take your time, hold your breath and thanks marvel for ten amazing years."
72 25% Black Summer (2019) - Apr 23, 2019
"Better than lasts seasons of TWD but still people do things erratically and commit mistakes that in a zombie apocalypse are completely nonsense. One episode in particular is everything but believable (the school with psycho children? Seriously?) . Direction and fotography are good. I enjoyed it, but the only thing that remains after watching it is that Americans have a SERIOUS PATHOLOGICAL obsession with guns. Everyone has a gun in the end, and they are all dumb as f. Sorry guys. :-/ "