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80 61% Looper (2012) - Rated 01 Jan 2018
85 76% Clean, Shaven (1993) - Rated 01 Jan 2018
80 61% Baby Driver (2017) - Rated 01 Jan 2018
80 61% Bloodsport (1988) - Rated 01 Jan 2018
85 76% Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story (2003) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
85 76% Beyond the Mat (1999) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
"A fantastic documentary that's a must-watch for anyone who was ever a fan of wrestling. The choice to profile wrestlers of different levels of popularity - from the unknowns to the six-figure superstars (both present and former) - and was a great choice and gives a varied look into the lives of the wrestlers both in and outside of the ring. Jake the Snake and Mick Foley steal the show, but for entirely different reasons."
80 61% Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows (1998) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
"I watched this as part of a Netflix-induced wave of nostalgia recently and enjoyed it immensely. I watched some wrestling growing up and was familiar with Bret Hart, but I had lost interest by the time this doc was made. It's an interesting look into changing times in the wrestling world. Sure to entertain anyone who was ever a wrestling fan and most likely interesting enough to engage those unfamiliar with its subject and protagonist."
50 13% I Need That Record! (2008) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
10 2% The God Who Wasn't There (2005) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
"Preachy people are awful no matter what they do or don't believe. I'm not a "believer," so to speak, and while it's satisfying to see people called out on their bullshit, this is hardly a worthwhile addition to the already overcrowded world of smug atheism. It doesn't help that it's amateurishly made to boot."
75 50% Collapse (2009) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
"It's hard to say whether much of what spills from Ruppert's mouth is as credible as he would like you to believe, but it's an interesting profile nonetheless."