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85 90% Sisters Sisters (1973) - Rated 06 Mar 2012
"A hitchcockian thriller dipped in acid and rolled in bizarro world. The story is kind of ludicrous, but it succeeds in being truly horrifying as De Palma has learned from the master with excellent use of subtle suspense/surprise combinations. Some brief images of gore for extra oompf."
100 99% Viridiana Viridiana (1961) - Rated 07 Jan 2011
"A hilariously wicked masterpiece with hauntingly beautiful cinematography. Only the master of blasphemy would dare depict a nun milking a cow with such erotic overtones - and that's just the beginning."
85 90% The Double Life of Veronique The Double Life of Veronique (1991) - Rated 20 Mar 2011
"Dreamlike images in rich colours of red, green and yellow captures Irene Jacob's beautiful face. As all great art Kieslowski's existential doppelganger-riddle is a mystical experience whose meaning depends on who enters through the looking glass."
65 47% Only God Forgives Only God Forgives (2013) - Rated 25 May 2013
"Completely relentless in its violent tableaux. Filmed, no, painted in striking colors by Kubrick's old lighting photographer Larry Smith, and certainly with stylistic inspirations from The Shining and Eyes Wide Shot. It's a violent poem of metaphysical aesthetics. But Refn is no Tarkovskij. In reality you are left emotionally numb by the basic moral family melodrama."
85 90% The Dead The Dead (1987) - Rated 12 Jan 2013
"An actor's film par excellence that doesn't look like anything else Huston has made. Joyce's original dialogues, kept from his short story, are beautiful, sometimes moving, sometimes even funny. Huston stages his players with a great visual sense of depth that furthers the intimacy between the characters and the overall intens poetic feeling."
80 80% The Adventures of Tintin The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Rated 31 Oct 2011
"May not capture the atmosphere of Hergé's Tintin, but who cares when it's this much fun. And guess what? Tintin is a freaking cartoon album, not a film! This is something even better than Tintin: It's Indiana Jones! Or rather the Young Indiana Jones Spielberg has always wanted to make without the meddling from George "All business no film talent" Lucas. Fast paced with excellent set-pieces, it's as if Hergé's stories has given Spielberg the inspiration he needed to get near his early 80's form."