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65 49% Barbie (2023) - Rated 24 Jul 2023
"The truth is, I did not enjoy this film, despised it from an entertainment perspective.It was the most uncomfortable I've ever felt watching a film,but you know what? That's why I respect it. The way such a glitzy and glamour film on paper can mentally challenge you,bring to the forefront of your self awareness the biases in society-that's powerful.Things I didn't even consider, like how much associative life imagery is intrinsically male dominant. This film is important,love for Kens and women"
39 16% Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) - Rated 14 Apr 2023
"It's all such a werid fever dream that I don't even know where to start. Essentially, it's a let's get geared up simulator. If it was a silent film, it would work just sa well. The motion on screen is the focus, and maybe so it should. There's just not enough substance for me to rate higher - any fans of the book are sure to appreciate how faithful it is."
62 44% They Came to a City (1944) - Rated 12 Apr 2023
"Basil Dearden Seldomly disappoints, and this is no exception. The seamless transitions beetween the character motivations is so realistic and well done - despite the surreal setting. A true tale of human potential and rebirth of those that have made mistakes. The film is not much for visuals, but the self awareness of the script makes up for it, social commentary galore."
39 16% The Age of Innocence (1993) - Rated 22 Mar 2023
"A story of socialites, doing socialite things. The way the characters are just devoid of basic logic really annoys me, the whole story is a set of plot contrivances that build up towards an equally contrived ending. The costumes are pretty, the Victoriana architecture merges well with the feel of the production. Won't be rushing out to watch again, for sure"
48 20% Sorcerer (1977) - Rated 15 Feb 2023
"Shit, but good."
76 72% Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022) - Rated 04 Feb 2023
"A fun little foray in to the werid and wonderful world of Dreamworks, straight-up (get it?) Perro is just the best, I love how they seemingly capture the enthusiastic and loyal personality of a dog perfectly. The direction is amazing, having seen some of the Dreamworks animation from a decade ago, this is a marked improvement - it regularly ebbs and flows to my satisfaction. It's perhaps no masterpiece, but it really is great - that's all I could ask for from something with Puss in the title."
22 5% The Silent Playground (1963) - Rated 21 Jan 2023
"Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible everything."
52 27% Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) - Rated 01 Jan 2023
"Avatar: Way of Water is true to its namesake in that it most certainly is retreading water (and has enough water sequences to make even Jaws himself blush), a wholly checklist-type Hollywood film. For anyone that wishes to marvel at technological advancement, this film is the ideal choice - painstaking effort has is evident throughout. The new characters are fun additions, albeit weirdly high-school-ified. The plot has MAJOR issues, mostly seen with hindsight, so doesn't detract too much."
40 17% Mr. Sardonicus (1961) - Rated 15 Oct 2022
55 32% Chicken Little (1943) - Rated 09 Oct 2022