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25 8% Terminator Salvation (2009) - Rated 28 Dec 2010
"The biggest thing that stood out to me in this movie is that the machine sounds through surround sound are great, but slightly loud. The movie itself wasn't terribly exciting or moving and really added nothing noteable to the terminator saga."
40 24% Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010) - Rated 28 Dec 2010
"Meh, overly long Harry Potter, what else can one say?"
50 46% The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) - Rated 28 Dec 2010
"Always find that Oscar Wilde translates well to screen. This is a mediocre retelling that still contains a few decent performances."
55 54% Just Like Heaven (2005) - Rated 28 Dec 2010
"Warning alert!!! Chick flick, but I did enjoy this one."
45 34% Head Over Heels (2001) - Rated 28 Dec 2010
"This is a horrible girly flick, still I find it somewhat fascinating watching models try to act."
40 24% Gorky Park (1983) - Rated 28 Dec 2010
"I would have liked it better if the female character had better depth and stuck with the whole idea of being "ruthless". It just didn't get anywhere near brilliant, even if Dennis Potter did do the screenplay for this atrocity."
55 54% Mr. Mom (1983) - Rated 29 Oct 2010
"It's not a great film, but there a couple of moments in this film that always make me giggle. The "big race" is too bizarre to think this kind of thing probably did happen in the early eighties corporate world."
75 84% The Breakfast Club (1985) - Rated 29 Oct 2010
"Classic 80's movie. One of the few John Hughes movies that don't make you want to put him on a hitlist for crimes against humanity."
85 97% Nosferatu (1922) - Rated 29 Oct 2010
70 75% Life of Brian (1979) - Rated 29 Oct 2010