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30 T2 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) - 14 Aug 2007
"An utter embarassment for this formerly brilliant comic book series. I loved X-Men growing up, and loved Bryan Singer's adaptations of the comic, but Brett Ratner really is a hack, and he hacked up everything I loved about the previous two movies. There isn't only no character development this time, there are no characters. No one acts in a way that even corresponds with X1 and X2, and the number of major deaths (with no pay off) and mutants "cured" seriously damages hopes of future X-M"
62 T4 Basic Instinct (1992) - 14 Aug 2007
"Solid thriller, that tries a little too hard to be sexy, but Sharon Stone definitely is. It's a little cheesy, but can be very entertaining and involving."
58 T4 The Deep End of the Ocean (1999) - 14 Aug 2007
"More or less a Lifetime movie of the week made honest by Michelle Pfeiffer's performance (this is a recurring thing for her). It's melodramatic and at times manipulative, but it's a fairly good watch."
81 T7 28 Days Later (2002) - 14 Aug 2007
"Really brutal, and harsh, and a really terrifying vision."
71 T5 The Interpreter (2005) - 14 Aug 2007
"Not a classic, but definitely well-paced and tense, with some solid acting from Kidman and Sean Penn."
76 T6 The Constant Gardener (2005) - 14 Aug 2007
"A strong, thought-provoking drama with fine acting, and beautiful directing. Can be a touch slow at times, but never fails in keeping your attention."
78 T6 American Beauty (1999) - 14 Aug 2007
"Wears thinner and thinner with age, but no matter how over-the-top melodramatic it can be, it's still often very funny, with some great moments of acting."
95 T10 Clueless (1995) - 14 Aug 2007
"Maybe the best highscool movie of all time. The dialouge is so witty and so funny they ought to teach a class on it. And Alicia Silverstone is so adorable as Cher its hard to imagine how she ended up in such a career standstill. Also you can catch yourself a glimpse a "Before" Brittany Murphy, who is entirely unrecognizable."
61 T4 The Skeleton Key (2005) - 14 Aug 2007
"Underrated movie and performance by Kate Hudson. It has a genuinely suprising ending, and a really moody atmosphere, as well as a creepy Gena Rowlands make it a good rental."
90 T9 Mean Girls (2004) - 14 Aug 2007
"One of the best high school movies of all time. Lindsay Lohan should be remembered for this instead of all eating disorders, but Rachel McAdams is the true star."