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50 34% The Balloonatic (1923) - Rated 05 Apr 2012
"So much of his stuff seems random and pointless before getting down to some sort of story, if ever. Good for Buster Keaton fans, but most people won't miss much by passing up on this one."
50 34% The Paleface (1922) - Rated 25 Mar 2012
"An excellent Keaton short. Unlike many, this one has a coheasive storyline from beginning to end. The viewer isn't left wondering how one thing led to another and what the point of the film was at the end."
50 34% The Electric House (1922) - Rated 25 Mar 2012
"One of Buster's amazing houses. I wouldn't mind having some of this gagetry myself. I could do without the stairs tossing me through the upstairs window and into the pool, though."
50 34% My Wife's Relations (1922) - Rated 24 Mar 2012
"Not Buster's best film but WHAT A WOMAN!"
50 34% The Blacksmith (1922) - Rated 24 Mar 2012
"Reminds me of my days as an auto mechanic. I wasn't much better at it than Buster."
50 34% Cops (1922) - Rated 24 Mar 2012
"Fast-forward until you see the wagon fall apart. After that, it gets funny. The ladder stunts were great but there's some other good stuff in there as well."
60 72% Star Trek: First Contact (1996) - Rated 14 Mar 2012
""I am Borg" seems to be a contradiction to the whole idea of being a borg, but if they're all just ants then who makes the decisions? I suppose I could ask the same about ants. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie. I'm sure I'll watch it again in a few years."
50 34% Star Trek: Generations (1994) - Rated 13 Mar 2012
"The old crew is looking pretty tired, but though the flesh is weak the spirits are willing. What really irks me about this movie is that while Spock gets a fantastic send-off and comes back in the next movie, Kirk gets a cairn on a nowhere planet and comes back in an episode of "American Pickers." Poor guy."
50 34% The Play House (1921) - Rated 11 Mar 2012
"The dream sequence with Buster playing all of the characters was great, but after that the film fell flat. I turned it off after it became clear there was no plot to the film."
50 34% The Haunted House (1921) - Rated 11 Mar 2012
"This movie has its ups and downs. The haunted house was worth seeing but the rest was a yawner."