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78 T10 Solaris (1972) - Jul 30, 2013
"[BWV 639]."
59 T8 Story of Women (1988) - Oct 24, 2015
"It's just Chabrol, but wow, Isabelle Huppert and abortions-- two of my favorite things!-- in one movie? It's almost too good to be true. <3"
33 T4 J'ai tué ma mère (2009) - Feb 01, 2015
"accualy is Dolan."
53 T7 Edvard Munch (1974) - Aug 11, 2015
"There is a sense both of contextualizing, placing the subject in his milieu, via very ambitious editing [by Watkins himself], and of tactility-- of texture, surfaces: the fibers of a canvas, the smoothness of a lithography plate, contours of a woodcut block. The grainy, textured photography can look on occasion amateurish, and sometimes painterly. I must say, though, I prefer the opposite face of the coin, which reveals its subject by way of anachronism: viz. Jarman's "Caravaggio" [1986]."
94 T10 Gummo (1997) - Jul 03, 2013
"A simultaneously preposterous and ulta-realist portrayal of mock- southern u.s. lower-class youth. Effectively both a haunting anthropological document and a gorgeous, stunning piece of the most poetic and visionary cinematic expressionism. Extraordinary and bold-- simultaneously misanthropic and sympathetic."
85 T10 Taxi Driver (1976) - Jul 03, 2013
"Here, seems as appropriate a place as any to leave this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V8H9uaQFBE"
52 T7 The Room (2003) - Nov 11, 2015
82 T10 It's a Wonderful Life (1946) - Jul 03, 2013
"For me, the end result completely negates any disgusting wholesomeness, whatever dubious morality, classic-family/xmas-movie status, etc., because underneath, this is deeply cinematic and haunting film. As always, the only way Capra knows to achieve that end is via wildly exaggerated Dickensian sentimentality, but his art is elevated to true greatness because his manipulation, on par with von Trier and Hitchcock, is so pure and -so- cinematic. Honestly a joy to watch."
68 T9 Die Dritte Generation (1979) - Jan 29, 2015
""I recently had a dream that capitalism invented terrorism to force the state to protect it better. Very funny, isn't it?""
39 T6 Synecdoche, New York (2008) - Aug 22, 2016
" . . . [Read Full Review]"