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66 87% Die Dritte Generation Die Dritte Generation (1979) - Rated 29 Jan 2015
""I recently had a dream that capitalism invented terrorism to force the state to protect it better. Very funny, isn't it?""
72 92% Caravaggio Caravaggio (1986) - Rated 30 Apr 2015
"Gotta love the 'Vag."
9% Her Her (2013) - Rated 17 Sep 2018
"Why did I just watch a two hour advertisement for pornography and apple products scored by Arcade Fire? Things have come pretty far since Bernays and Goebbels, god damn."
63 84% The Red Shoes The Red Shoes (1948) - Rated 14 Jan 2017
"I soldiered on through the entirety of this without taking a much-needed bathroom break. Thought I should probably suffer a little bit, you know?"
67 88% The Killer The Killer (1989) - Rated 10 May 2020
"Now this shit's a movie. "nooo HEAT is superior,,, Mr. michaeL Man is an inspired stylist and the Antonioni of the modern crime picture not a stupid hack !! Mann's cinéma has the sensibility of great opera, his editing and the sophistercation of his visual language and Jungian symbolis--" shut the fuck up."
73 92% Troll 2 Troll 2 (1990) - Rated 21 Jun 2014
"If the only films that matter formally are auteur films, this -special- creative vision is a formal success, proverbial colors flying. If you think this is simply a "bad" movie, and lacking all self-awareness, you're a fucking idiot."