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Member Since: Jan 23, 2014

Location: Russia

Bio: When did this starry sky start to turn around?
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71 38% Occidental (2017) - Feb 12, 2019
73 47% Lost Land (2011) - Feb 12, 2019
74 53% Capharnaüm (2018) - Feb 12, 2019
"made me shed some tears.."
76 66% The Dreamed Ones (2016) - Feb 12, 2019
"apart from some scenes getting dull and repetitive, this film gives an insight both for the poets and the structure of film genres. nice experiment."
78 79% The Image Book (2018) - Feb 12, 2019
"trying to comprehend this collage essay is like harrassing someone during their sleep. it is obvious that they are not in a position to be willing to offer that. yes, in both cases you are on your own with your intellectual or physical masturbation while watching. "
80 88% Nostos: Il ritorno (1990) - Feb 05, 2019
""The people of this generation know information-cut, information-cut, information-cut. They can follow the logic of it, the logic of the story, but they don't follow the logic of life. Because I see the story as only just a dimension of life, because we have a lot of other things. We have time, we have landscapes, we have meta-communications, all of which are not verbal information." -Béla Tarr"
76 66% House (1977) - Feb 05, 2019
"to maintain the most fundamental convention of the horror genre, six virgins face their death scenarios in the most original and hilarious ways."
78 79% Ai no mukidashi (2008) - Feb 05, 2019
77 72% Kuuntele (2014) - Feb 05, 2019
"something unique was done in the editing which i have never seen before. it immediately indicates the inscrutability of reference."
73 47% Goodnight Mommy (2015) - Jan 29, 2019
"don't. please don't try to add a stupid plot twist in your story which already has a well-built, uncanny tension stemming from the intentional lack of information."