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80 52% That '90s Show (2023) - Jan 31, 2023
"Going back to Point Place with the gang as adults is like learning to appreciate your hometown a little more once you leave. However you are reminded very early in this a much different show with new characters. Some hits, some misses and a few wild returns and moments later you cannot help but yearn for the nostalgia of the moments that helped you grow. A good show that I would like to see continue if it chooses to add a little more depth to the characters and not just scratch the surface."
90 82% The Menu (2022) - Jan 29, 2023
"Well paced, well acted and deliberately demands that you pay attention to the details. Much like the social satire, the film layers itself through the courses and becomes increasingly more horrific while doing so. What starts as a slight uneasy feeling about the status and wealth of these people eventually gives way to an understanding they have all lost their touch with reality. A series of horror themes help you learn just what the elite can cost everyone when they begin to feel entitled."
96 94% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Dec 31, 2022
"The new crop of actors makes the film a worthwhile follow up and ups the stakes when it comes to mystery and mayhem. A very beautifully shot movie with a script that is full of amazing twists and turns. Every moment is a breath of life into a genre that needs it and Rian Johnson solidifies himself as one of the best original voices currently in film. The cinematography was brilliant and the final reveal was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Can't wait for more"
80 52% Uncharted (2022) - Dec 25, 2022
"It prides itself on being over the top but that is also what stops it from being as good as it could have been. The central plot was good and well thought out but the action sequences took you out of it. They felt unbelievable and definitely forced in a lot of instances. Holland proves to be a solid lead actor outside of the MCU and the rest of the cast plays their bits."
95 91% Pearl (2022) - Dec 20, 2022
"As the layers begin to peel back on Pearl's fragile psyche we are treated to a fully unhinged performance from Mia Goth that allows Pearl to become one of the most frightening characters ever created for the big screen. The violence is more deranged in this film because it happens to provide context for later events but it feels more raw and unfiltered during this film. That's because the setting is not yet decayed, the life looks idyllic until you close the doors and the horror unleashes."
90 82% X (2022) - Dec 19, 2022
"X is the kind of movie I really enjoy. It builds to the tension and when it begins it does not let up. Mia Goth is absolutely amazing in both roles and this film would be horrible without her. There were a couple of twists that I did not see coming and they were fun. It kept you actively engaged with the themes of aging and pursuing dreams at all costs. What a crazy good film. Stellar cast and wonderful style. It had Texas Chainsaw vibes with the throwback style and setting."
98 96% Wednesday (2022) - Dec 18, 2022
"Jenna Ortega commanded the screen like very few others have this year and the show was a smash hit because of it. Wednesday is full of dark witty humor and a sense of the supernatural that kept you guessing right up until the end. A very dark and twisted murder mystery is what is what unfolds at the core of the story. Probably the best new show of the year with a phenomenal cast and beautiful visuals to back up this new take on the Addams family lore. Solid in every way you want from a series."
75 38% Beast (2022) - Dec 18, 2022
"It is enjoyable and rather predictable at the same time. Typical thrills for a movie of this nature and a typical outcome for a movie of this nature. It's essentially man vs beast where you know somehow man will always take the advantage. It is well acted for the most part even if it does not require a tremendous amount of thought. It passes the time and will entertain you. That's about all you can want from this style of movie by the time it is over."
80 52% Emily the Criminal (2022) - Dec 12, 2022
"Aubrey Plaza is at her best here as the titular Emily who at first embraces the criminal activity as a way to pay off her debts. As she falls futher into the life that is where the layers of this film begin to get rushed. It skips over the best parts and ultimately becomes a romance film with the criminal element on the side. It would have made for a better 4 part miniseries. What you get here is a beginning and an end with little reason in between to set up the high stakes ending."
85 64% The Good Nurse (2022) - Dec 05, 2022
"Chastain and Redmayne clearly take the wheel for this one. Chastain playing the titular Good Nurse as Redmayne Charlie is at the centre of the films story. While the film keeps you focused on the story it deliberately keeps the damage to the health care system at a minimum. It should have been an outcry for help but instead passes on the opportunity to make more deliberate commentary on the subject. A solid movie none the less though."