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Age: 30

Bio: I am a father of three and married to my best friend. Beyond my family my passion is cinema and writing. Two things I hope to combine into a career one day. For right now raising my kids, being home with my family and staying immersed in the world of pop culture takes a lot of time but I love it.
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85 65% Aladdin (2019) - Sep 21, 2019
"Will Smith doesn't quite reach the levels of eccentricity that Williams brought to the role but it is still a fun take. This movie had heart, chemistry between the two leads and a story that definitely allowed for the outlandish and for a core to be formed. The visuals at times felt a bit over the top and haphazardly done to keep it three dimensional worthy. It took away from the realism set against the fantasy. At times it took away the heart of the film and replaced it with a created image. "
92 87% The Hurricane (1999) - Jan 13, 2011
"For a while now I have found myself strangely attracted to the story of Rubin Carter. This film tells that story, and does such a fantastic job in doing so. Very raw with emotion and characterization "The Hurricane" captures the social injustices of American past. Washington is fierce in the lead role, capturing each and every layer of Carter's emotions with such convincing force. "
98 96% Dear White People (2014) - Jan 24, 2015
"It's provocative, it's controversial and it is one hell of a debut film that captures the essence of our modern society. Justin Simien creates characters that face real life pressures every time they walk around the campus. The face racial issues, prejudice and the pressures of having to live up to certain predetermined notions. This is a film about real people, struggling to do the right things, say the right words and live according to the right actions. A definite must see."
96 94% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Mar 29, 2014
"Full of vibrant Wes Anderson style, The Grand Budapest Hotel comes alive thanks to the grand cast full of diverse characters and intriguing set pieces. Fiennes delivers one of his most rounded performances in years and it truly is captivating. Wildly humorous at times and full of dark imaginative wit, you will be sitting there at times completley entranced by the images displayed on the screen. Easily one of the best films in years, it is full of heart, soul and emotion. "
98 96% Black Mass (2015) - Sep 30, 2015
"Johnny Depp is in top form and that proves to easily be the films biggest asset. With all these Hollywood players playing real life gangsters and FBI agents this film just keeps adding layers of depth that make it such an engaging and tense film. Depp once again proves he is much better with 3 dimensional characters and should stick to powerhouse performance like this one. Its still early yet in 2015 for films, but this has all the makings to be one of my top 5 films of the year. "
90 83% Rise (2018) - Apr 18, 2018
"Rise is lead by the incredible musical and acting talent of its cast. Radnor is pure gold in the lead role and Auli`l Cravalho does a fantastic job of leading the younger cast. At times maybe the message of pushing ones comfort zone is a bit too preachy but it ultimately has a strong message worth conveying to an intelligent audience. Definitely has potential even moving beyond season 1 and my hope is to see where this story leads over a good 4 to 5 year run. "
86 69% Straight Outta Compton (2015) - Oct 28, 2015
"When a film takes on a real life story with grit, emotion and raw power you expect nothing but straight realism. The moments created for this to appear more Hollywoodized is what stops it from becoming one of the best films of the decade and just another above average biopic. It does a phenomenal job of recreating a young N.W.A and the era they grew up in, but the omissions and changes to character structure are too big to ignore and that stops this film from being the best film of 2015"
98 96% Joker (2019) - Oct 06, 2019
"A slow burner of a descent into madness as his mind cracks and society decays around him, Phoenix's Fleck is disturbing and delusional. Fully immersed in a world of chaos and confusion, Phoenix offers up a complete transformation that very few have ever accomplished before him. It should leave you uncomfortable as you watch someone's brain splinter and lose grip on reality due to a mental illness.It's title refers to a character, the content gives criticism on how society handles mental illness "
65 18% Joy (2015) - Dec 24, 2015
"It was too messy right from the opening scene, the narrative did not fit the tone of the film. It swayed from comedy to needlessly dark subject matter and back but never allowed the pivotal scenes to grow the main character. Lawrence did what she could with the lead character but it was not her best work. This film lacked any substantial reason to cling to the premise and want to know what happens next. It told a very simplistic story, but one that never strayed away from convention. "
98 96% The Punisher (2017) - Dec 28, 2017
"A darker and violent look at the current state of America with betrayal, guns, secrets and murder. Frank Castle is the epitome of PTSD shown on screen and Jon Bernthal perfectly balances a man torn by his past and a man hell bent on destroying the ones responsible. The show really picks up after episode 7 with the action. Bernthal raised the bar and his fellow cast mates matched him on a level of pure intenisty very few shows carry through out. Bring on season two. Frank Castle is here to stay."