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Bio: I am a huge fan of film and television, I watch as many films as possible. I am a writer, I write poetry, stories and I have recently began working on my first screenplay. I am passionate about someday being a screenwriter or Director. I love the film industry. I also like to review films and look at them as deeply as I possibly can, so that I can have discussions with others who have seen the same movie.

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65 T2 Joy (2015) - Dec 23, 2015
"It was too messy right from the opening scene, the narrative did not fit the tone of the film. It swayed from comedy to needlessly dark subject matter and back but never allowed the pivotal scenes to grow the main character. Lawrence did what she could with the lead character but it was not her best work. This film lacked any substantial reason to cling to the premise and want to know what happens next. It told a very simplistic story, but one that never strayed away from convention. "
98 T10 Dear White People (2014) - Jan 24, 2015
"It's provocative, it's controversial and it is one hell of a debut film that captures the essence of our modern society. Justin Simien creates characters that face real life pressures every time they walk around the campus. The face racial issues, prejudice and the pressures of having to live up to certain predetermined notions. This is a film about real people, struggling to do the right things, say the right words and live according to the right actions. A definite must see."
80 T6 Irrational Man (2015) - Nov 21, 2016
"Had this film reached the actual plot of the movie sooner it could have been a better film. The first part of the film was bogged down with pretentious narration and non existent flow. Joaquin Phoenix did show some range during the films second half and Emma Stone is always a delight to watch. This is not the best film from Woody Allen and in the end it is entertaining but it misses out on being on of the greats. "
83 T7 The Ghost Writer (2010) - Mar 20, 2010
"A film that prides itself on keeping focused on a simple story rather then getting out of hand. There are some fine peformances in this film, and there is some tension as the secrets build and the story unravels. Brosnan is really good in this film and personally I wish he would have been in a tad more scenes. Ewan Mcgregor as well gives off a fine performance in what could have become a mess. Thrilling, intense and real and that is all you can ask for."
99 T10 Creed (2015) - Dec 02, 2015
"Creed is one hell of a film from start to finish. Immediately we are given a reason to connect with Adonis Johnson . Full of heart, courage and determination, Creed exemplifies how hard work can pay off. Jordan is a phenomenal young actor and this is the best work from Stallone in years. Jordan shows great chemistry with Stallone, calling Rocky Unc most of the film. It was the tender moments he shared with Rocky and leading lady Tessa Thompson that really showed his range and vulnerability."
92 T9 The Hurricane (1999) - Jan 12, 2011
"For a while now I have found myself strangely attracted to the story of Rubin Carter. This film tells that story, and does such a fantastic job in doing so. Very raw with emotion and characterization "The Hurricane" captures the social injustices of American past. Washington is fierce in the lead role, capturing each and every layer of Carter's emotions with such convincing force. "
90 T9 Contagion (2011) - Oct 10, 2011
"A very well developed movie, it takes epidemic movies and redefines how we view them. Contagion centers around the paranoia of those dealing with the disease. It does not become a Zombie flick, it tells the story of a disease that evolves, the trials and tribulations of trying to keep the panic to a minimum, all the while searching for a vaccine. Solid cast, Matt Damon and Laurence Fishburne were the particular stand outs, but the entire cast had a role to play and they all nailed it."
95 T9 The Spectacular Now (2013) - Jan 04, 2014
"In the early going Sutter Keely feels like the kid you want to be. He is the most loved kid in every room he walks into, the light of the party. He may have all these friends, but he never takes anything seriously. Yet, like Sutter himself says repeatedly through-out the film there are two sides to every story. Aimee is his story, his one chance to make things different. Teller and Woodley are sensational, grounding the film in true chemistry in both an endearing and heartbreaking fashion."
80 T6 Everything, Everything (2017) - May 21, 2017
"Everything, Everything tries to give you a little bit of just about everything, except for an ending that does really stay true to the overall tone of the movie. The "twist" involving her mother just felt like a nice way to wrap up a love story. Had they gone with the less severe form of the illness I feel like their love would have felt more engaging at the end. By the end their love had nothing to overcome and that was what you were lead to believe. That it could overcome all odds"
98 T10 The Punisher (2017) - Dec 27, 2017
"A darker and violent look at the current state of America with betrayal, guns, secrets and murder. Frank Castle is the epitome of PTSD shown on screen and Jon Bernthal perfectly balances a man torn by his past and a man hell bent on destroying the ones responsible. The show really picks up after episode 7 with the action. Bernthal raised the bar and his fellow cast mates matched him on a level of pure intenisty very few shows carry through out. Bring on season two. Frank Castle is here to stay."