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Bio: I am a huge fan of film and television, I watch as many films as possible. I am a writer, I write poetry, stories and I have recently began working on my first screenplay. I am passionate about someday being a screenwriter or Director. I love the film industry. I also like to review films and look at them as deeply as I possibly can, so that I can have discussions with others who have seen the same movie.

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90 T9 Fruitvale Station (2013) - Dec 21, 2013
"Michael B. Jordan is this film. Without his gripping performance the emotional climax of this film means nothing. His performance one of many layers from aggression, to compassion to capturing all the things a man with convictions has to deal with. Everything about this film felt real, raw and sometimes too emotional to even accept. Despite the knowledge that some of this film was stretched for a film, the events of the film took place. Such a powerful film on many levels."
83 T7 The Ghost Writer (2010) - Mar 20, 2010
"A film that prides itself on keeping focused on a simple story rather then getting out of hand. There are some fine peformances in this film, and there is some tension as the secrets build and the story unravels. Brosnan is really good in this film and personally I wish he would have been in a tad more scenes. Ewan Mcgregor as well gives off a fine performance in what could have become a mess. Thrilling, intense and real and that is all you can ask for."
95 T10 It (2017) - Sep 10, 2017
"Finally I believe I have seen a modern horror masterpiece. I felt the shock and the terror and every moment of this film brutally took you through one of craziest phsychological rides you can experience. Bill Skarsgard you are a legend sir. Thank you for the chilling and absolutely terrifying interpertation of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The young cast also have bright futures. Bring on Chapter 2. What an awesome viewing experience this truly was. I am ready. Thrill me again Skarsgard. "
80 T6 Irrational Man (2015) - Nov 21, 2016
"Had this film reached the actual plot of the movie sooner it could have been a better film. The first part of the film was bogged down with pretentious narration and non existent flow. Joaquin Phoenix did show some range during the films second half and Emma Stone is always a delight to watch. This is not the best film from Woody Allen and in the end it is entertaining but it misses out on being on of the greats. "
88 T8 Sully (2016) - Jan 03, 2017
"Tom Hanks is once again delightful to watch, a man with enourmous talent continues to be brilliant and Sully is immediately that much better for it. Add in Clint Eastwood as the director and this is a tailor made film with a grounded central premise that will allow you to be both entertained and learn a few things too. It's an easy film to like as Sully is a lead worth rallying behind and an actor like Tom Hanks just accentuates that with ease. "
65 T2 Joy (2015) - Dec 23, 2015
"It was too messy right from the opening scene, the narrative did not fit the tone of the film. It swayed from comedy to needlessly dark subject matter and back but never allowed the pivotal scenes to grow the main character. Lawrence did what she could with the lead character but it was not her best work. This film lacked any substantial reason to cling to the premise and want to know what happens next. It told a very simplistic story, but one that never strayed away from convention. "
99 T10 Creed (2015) - Dec 02, 2015
"Creed is one hell of a film from start to finish. Immediately we are given a reason to connect with Adonis Johnson . Full of heart, courage and determination, Creed exemplifies how hard work can pay off. Jordan is a phenomenal young actor and this is the best work from Stallone in years. Jordan shows great chemistry with Stallone, calling Rocky Unc most of the film. It was the tender moments he shared with Rocky and leading lady Tessa Thompson that really showed his range and vulnerability."
80 T6 American Sniper (2014) - Jan 18, 2015
"This plays out like a typical war film. Build up the American hero aspect from the beginning, only to have the tribulations of war create a change in persona which allows for the climax to be about finding himself upon his return state side. It's American heroism designed to show us how being a part of this war has an affect on people. Cooper is great in the lead role, perhaps not stand-out but not a performance to overlook either. This is one of those films that does little to change the game."
86 T7 Straight Outta Compton (2015) - Oct 28, 2015
"When a film takes on a real life story with grit, emotion and raw power you expect nothing but straight realism. The moments created for this to appear more Hollywoodized is what stops it from becoming one of the best films of the decade and just another above average biopic. It does a phenomenal job of recreating a young N.W.A and the era they grew up in, but the omissions and changes to character structure are too big to ignore and that stops this film from being the best film of 2015"
98 T10 Black Mass (2015) - Sep 30, 2015
"Johnny Depp is in top form and that proves to easily be the films biggest asset. With all these Hollywood players playing real life gangsters and FBI agents this film just keeps adding layers of depth that make it such an engaging and tense film. Depp once again proves he is much better with 3 dimensional characters and should stick to powerhouse performance like this one. Its still early yet in 2015 for films, but this has all the makings to be one of my top 5 films of the year. "