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48 28% Murder-Set-Pieces Murder-Set-Pieces (2004) - Rated 05 Nov 2011
"By promoting itself as the most shocking, grotesque, controversial, etc. film of all time, and being banned from several film labs and the UK (unsurprisingly), it was never going to live up to the hype, even in its uncut form. Essentially a big-budget slasher B-movie, "M-S-P" is very well made and everything that went into it is astounding but the finished product fails to deliver on any level, especially its shock value (apart from baby/mother scene which went way too far)."
31 9% Little Deaths Little Deaths (2011) - Rated 01 Nov 2011
"A sporadically entertaining anthology that is not in the least bit chilling or shocking and manages about one good scene in each of the three films. Bonus points for insinuating possible dog rape at the end of "Bitch"."
28 7% Malibu Shark Attack Malibu Shark Attack (2009) - Rated 16 Nov 2011
"Why are there so many sharksploitation films? There should be less sharksploitation films."
53 33% Divided Into Zero Divided Into Zero (1999) - Rated 07 Nov 2011
"Using bizarre, interesting and sometimes shocking imagery instead of relying on a linear, structured narrative "Divided Into Zero" has moments of brilliance and is impressive for its budget but it is ultimately just too empty of an experience to appreciate on any other level."
100 99% SHE SHE (2014) - Rated 27 Aug 2014
"Pretty much just the best film ever. *reviewing my own movie*"
52 32% 3 Extremes 3 Extremes (2004) - Rated 20 Oct 2011
"A collection of three short films from three different directors. "Dumplings" combines footage of the short and extended version which considerably hinders the narrative. Good shock value, nothing more. "Cut" is an incoherent mess. Some interesting ideas but it's sad to see the talented director of "Oldboy" mess up so badly. "Box" is confusing as hell, in trademark Miike fashion, yet still the best. Atmospheric, chilling & stylish throughout. Disappointing but worth a watch."
76 76% Subconscious Cruelty Subconscious Cruelty (1999) - Rated 07 Nov 2011
"In the extreme film genre, it's very rare to find a film as well-written and thought provoking as "Subconscious Cruelty" and one that doesn't exist purely to shock. Packed with symbolism and imagery, and extreme sadistic violence (featuring a scene that makes "that scene" in Antichrist look incredibly tame), the film breaks essentially all the taboos in the genre. If you don't do thinking, it's worth a watch to see Jesus get anally jousted by a tree branch."
65 45% The Machine Girl The Machine Girl (2008) - Rated 06 Nov 2011
""The Machine Girl" was really the film that popularized the modern J-spolitation genre but after watching "Tokyo Gore Police" or "Robogeisha" it just doesn't have the same entertainment factor as it used to and cannot compare. Still entertaining as hell though."
77 79% Face/Off Face/Off (1997) - Rated 01 Feb 2012
0% Johnny English Johnny English (2003) - Rated 15 Nov 2011
"Genuinely offended."