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Bio: Films are awesome. I can't say no to a good Bond movie, but the best film ever is surely The Shawshank Redemption. The most important thing for me in a film is the music. Probably because I'm a professional musician. Look at my rankings, I mostly only rank films I like, if you agree with my tastes, get in touch and recommend something!

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85 82% Sicario (2015) - 24 Jan 2016
"Gripping, harrowing and utterly enjoyable from the first frame. The entire cast deliver wonderful performances, the cinematography is top notch, the score saws into your bones and there's plenty to think about afterward. Make no mistake, this is a dark film, and unflinchingly so at that, but utterly worth watching if that doesn't bother you."
51 18% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - 24 Jan 2016
"Basically a mashed together collection of borrowed elements from the initial trilogy and a few pre-approved parts of Abrams' Star Trek movies. Risk = 0% / Probability of profit = 100%. Perfectly enjoyable unless you've seen any of the aforementioned films in which case this will simply annoy you throughout."
90 93% The Big Short (2015) - 01 Jan 2016
"A funny and yet deeply unsettling film. The whole cast is on fine form."
80 68% Margin Call (2011) - 29 Dec 2015
"This is a film which manages at once to offer an entertaining and tense viewing experience while simultaneously giving a sense of real insight; both a stony and (presumably) accurate depiction of the real world of high finance and also brimming with style and intrigue."
89 91% The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - 29 Dec 2015
"Perhaps not the best of Scorsese's work, but a fine film regardless. It's beautiful, stylish, fun and DiCaprio is magnificent as always. My only criticism is that, if anything, this film really downplays the truly insane debauchery of the book, and presumably, the real story. But still one of the best films of recent years and well worth a viewing."
73 52% Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015) - 29 Dec 2015
"A very interesting documentary about an extremely polarising subject. One gets the feeling that this film, at times, paints an unnecessarily harsh picture of Jobs, but in a world obsessed with his vision and legacy, perhaps it is more necessary than is obvious. Personally, I do believe this angle needs more popular attention, as much as I respect what Jobs achieved in his all too short life. A must see for anybody curious about technology or entrepreneurs."
79 62% Steve Jobs (2015) - 29 Dec 2015
"A well written, well acted and well put together film that looks at the more complex side of a modern icon. I really appreciated being shown what this film had to say, regardless of whether or not it's necessarily based on fact or fiction, because it's not afraid to point out that Jobs, like any great person, spent most of his life being wrong but had the patience to keep going until the world changed and he was right. Highly engrossing throughout, highly recommended."
61 34% A Walk in the Woods (2015) - 29 Dec 2015
"Although far from engrossing at times, this film manages to saunter through the world with exactly the same detached and yet curious charm that it's protagonist does. However, there is no denying that it really drags in places, and no amount of slight likability can save it from it's own sense of purposelessness."
88 89% 99 Homes (2015) - 29 Dec 2015
"Featuring harrowing performances from both its stars and extras, 99 Homes surges from scene to scene with all the dark vitality of a man with nothing to lose. It manages to hit home a driving message about the absurd flaws of extreme capitalism, whilst simultaneously having you completely unsure what you would do in the protagonists position. In places tough to watch, this is not only a highly entertaining and tense film but also a truly thought provoking one. Highly recommended."
73 52% The Imitation Game (2014) - 11 Jun 2015
"The Imitation Game is a good movie that occasionally becomes something great, but never for more than a few minutes or so. Cumberbatch turns in a fantastic performance, as does Kiera Knightley, but it almost feels like the film is deliberately avoiding being the kind of eureka moment that is ironically its subject. All the potential was there, but the film just feels... muted. Still a good watch."